Enjoy the magnificent Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady 

On today’s menu, I have something amazing to share with you. If you want to explore the magnificence of the Mediterranean while sailing on a luxurious boat, I’ve found the perfect cruise for you. Prepare to be amazed by the wonderful, the incredible, the brilliant – Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady.

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I am a big fan of cruises and I have to tell you I was really skeptical of Virgin Voyages.  I knew I would hate this cruise line before I ever got on.  And to be fair the carpet with the crazy lines on it in the hallways and the stateroom that looks like I could take apart all of my furniture with an Allen wrench in less than 10 minutes was not a great start to my Virgin Voyages Cruise.  But from that point on everything was Amazing.  I realized it not about the room decor on Virgin Voyages.  I have been on a lot of cruises and Virgin Voyages was easily on my top top 3 list of all time best cruises ever.  The staff was fantastic.  I don’t mean just great.  They went well above and beyond.  I don’t know where Virgin Voyages gets these great people from.  Food!  WOW!  Best cruise food ever.  Royal Caribbean, Princess, Disney Cruise Line even Luxury ships like Seabourn I think Virgin Voyages has better food in most cases if not in all cases.  Anyway, if you want to book a Virgin Voyages Cruise I am happy to help you and I have all the latest Virgin Voyage Cruise Specials listed here.


Get To Know The Valiant Lady

First stop – let’s take a look at some general information. This Virgin cruise can hold a maximum of 2700 people and is designed to reinvent cruising – especially for people who have never been on one. Its itinerary includes the Western Mediterranean for seven nights – starting with Barcelona, Toulon, Marina di Carrara, Ajaccio, Corsica-Cagliari, Sardinia, Ibiza, and right back to Barcelona. It is 278 meters long and holds 1330 cabins and 78 suites. From a distance, it seems like an incredible cruise ship, and let’s face it – the name Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady is unforgettable.

The Valiant Lady cruise ship made its grand debut in 2022, and because of its youthful spirit, it managed to create a line that would appeal to the younger audience. Some of the first things on the list to include on this ship were dining inspired by street food trends, stand-up comedy, incredible (and Instagrammable) designs, and innovative entertainment that includes club culture. Due to its fun and cultural nature, this cruise has a strong LGBTQ+ presence and spreads its net wide over various age groups and ethnicities.

The ship is medium-sized, there is an incredible array of activities, and the best part is that you are always entertained. This Virgin cruise combines going through some lesser-known places (as you can see from the itinerary), and I particularly liked the overnight stay in Ibiza. For all of you who don’t want to stop the party, you have the chance to stay until the morning hours and enjoy yourself.

The Cabins

The cabins are more than amazing – the Sea Terrace Cabin has a bed that can be converted into a sofa to maximize the space. The curved terrace is incredible and is enough for two metal chairs and a hammock. You can get room service, and the rooms are equipped with a rainforest shower, a small fridge, and a TV. The lights are automated, and so are the curtains.

The suites are incredible – room service is available 24/7, and there are USB plugs on each side of the beds. Simply put, the wonderful ambiance from the suites will follow you everywhere you go!


Ice Cream on Virgin Voyages Cruise ine

The Dining Experience

Then we have – the incredible cuisine!

People are much more interested in the food and drink options available on board. The beauty of the Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady is that it has about 20 places for you to choose from and get a unique dining experience. All the places are included in the trip’s price, and you get to experience cuisine from all over the world. Each dining and drink spot was inspired by various sources and was created by incredible design studios. Whether you are interested in a Mediterranean kitchen, a Mexican menu, or a Korean barbeque joint – the Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady has you covered. I mostly wanted to spend my time in a surf and turf spot with a touch of elegance. It paid homage to mid-century Manhattan, and everything about it was simply spectacular. There are also excellent cocktail places, too. For those who are early risers and want to make the most out of their days, the coffee options will make you gasp.


Virgin Voyages Restaurants Extra Virgin


Pool Virgin Voyages

Aquatic Club pool deck

The Activities

Continue by giving yourself the time to shine by visiting the spa. The staff behind Virgin Cruises Valiant Lady took a lot of time to design and create a spa with tons of treatments – quartz massage beds, cold plunge pools, salt cave, mud room, hydrotherapy pools, a wood-lined sauna, and even a hairstylist and a mani-pedi bar.

But the entertainment does not stop there. Out of all the activities you can do on the Virgin cruise, the ones that amused me the most were the drag-queen karaoke sessions, the kinetic dance performances, and the sexologist comedy show! They did a number when it comes to activities and entertainment because, once again, you have a wide range of things to choose from. The nightclub is amazing, the stage performers are one-of-a-kind, and the small impromptu performances happen all over the ship, too.

If you’re into the classics, there are a lot of things to do as well, starting from shuffleboard, a pyjama party, yoga, pilates, outdoor gym, casino, and cocktail mixing lessons. One of the things I loved the most was the Scarlet Night party (check out my other blogs to discover all about it).

Before you book your stay there, be mindful – this Valiant Lady cruise is more for people who want to party and relax and does not include children.


VIP Virgin Voyages

Richard’s Rooftop, exclusive to RockStar Sailors, is a luxury outdoor space.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Last but not least, I would love to give a shout-out to the sustainability aspect of this cruise, as it is outstanding. The heat from the engines is transferred into pure electricity, and this cruise is the first one of its kind that is carbon-neutral. Wastewater is recycled into drinking water, and the sensors in the cabins switch into energy-saving mode once you leave them. There is also no single-use plastic on board, and even the red hammocks that are everywhere on the ship are sourced from a community project in rural Thailand.

This is truly a design and travel experience that you should not miss out on. The Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady offers an array of genuine experiences, not limited to exceptional dinners and cocktails – the entertainment is one of a kind, too. You can see the moment you step on board (oh yeah, onboarding takes just a few minutes) that they have done everything possible to ensure a wonderful and thrilling experience for all. This ship comes with a fresh approach to the cruising lifestyle, and I bet that after reading this article, you will rush to book a trip and feel the energy yourself!

To find out even more amazing Virgin cruises, check out the rest of my blog.


Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady Pool

Ready to book?


The Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady offers a fresh and exciting approach to cruising, catering to those seeking a contemporary, adult-only experience. The ship’s innovative design, diverse dining options, and vibrant entertainment make it a standout choice for travelers seeking to break traditional cruise norms. The Valiant Lady is nothing short of exceptional, promising an unforgettable journey at sea.  For the current Virgin Voyages Discounts and Special Offers, I have a list here.

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