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Traveling is one of the most exciting things we do in our leisure time. Each trip is unique, and we end up with unforgettable memories and experiences. However, what if I tell you that you can make your holidays even more thrilling and authentic? Adventures by Disney Escapes allows you to add a touch of magic to your voyages and experience a new way of traveling. You can visit some of the most unique destinations without spending hours planning and enjoy your time stress-free!


If you are unfamiliar with Adventures by Disney Escapes, now is the right time to learn about their features and whether they are worth it. In this blog, I have explained everything about these short magical trips along with the offered destinations, so you can see whether this is something you should consider. You may just find what you are looking for and prepare for your next adventure!

Adventures by Disney for kids

Adventures by Disney Escapes: What They Are and What They Include 


Disney has provided stunning traveling opportunities for entire families for years. Each of their travel categories comes with something special that an ordinary travel excursion company cannot offer you.  You know how challenging travel planning can be. Well, Disney has eliminated all the hurdles that come with travel so you can genuinely enjoy your journeys around the world.


Adventures by Disney Escapes includes short trips that can last from 2 to 5 days. More precisely, Adventures are a subcategory of Land Adventures, which are longer holidays that last from 6 to 12 days. However, it is important to note that the duration of these Adventures by Disney getaways does not affect the adventurous thrill you get with them. Adventures by Disney offers the ultimate and unforgettable experience without any obstacles along the way. 


The greatest thing about Adventures by Disney Escapes is that they can be planned as a stand-alone trip or combined with other cruise or land vacations. This means that you can choose a particular Adventure by Disney destination and include it as an add-on to your trip. You can make all kinds of combinations, and have the adventure you have always wanted for you and your family. 

River Cruise Adventures by Disney

At the moment, Adventures by Disney Escapes offers amazing packages for nine destinations across the globe. You can travel to Europe, North America, or South America and get the travel experience you need! These Disney getaways have made traveling easier and more convenient for those without enough time or trying to stay on a budget. Moreover, these Adventures are a great option when you want to add an extra destination to your Disney Cruise or Land Adventure and make the most of your holiday. 


So, whatever you need to make your travels more exciting and magical, Adventures by Disney is here to help. This category has proven to be a great addition to the company’s packages, and it has made traveling more thrilling for many people, especially for the picky travelers who explore extraordinary locations. 

Adventures by Disney Holland trip


What Do Adventures By Disney Escapes Include?


These short trips include many features in their reasonable price, so it is unsurprising that people love them. Namely, the cost you pay for a package involves accommodation, transportation during the entire trip, as well as the activities that come with a selected package. Moreover, meals are included as well, along with fees necessary for venue entrances. The only thing that most of these packages do not include is the airfares. 


Considering these features, it is obvious why travelers love Adventures by Disney Escapes. When you see what is included in the price, you will see that paying for this trip is absolutely worth it. You will have everything covered, so you will not have to calculate additional costs and mind your budget during your travels. This is especially convenient when you travel with the entire family because it will give you the chance to enjoy rather than deal with financial stuff while traveling.  


Plus, if you take into account the trips’ durations, you will realize that the costs are lower than those of Land Adventures. That is why these trips are known as budget-friendly and thrilling experiences that do not break the bank!


Destinations and Features of Adventures by Disney


People love Adventures by Disney Escapes because they are very diverse. Namely, these short trips are offered on three continents in the world, meaning they can give quite versatile experiences. 


Here are the destinations along with the itineraries that are at your disposal.

Wyoming Escape Disney

  • Winter in, Jackson Hole, Yellowstone National Park 


Winter in Wyoming is one of the most exciting Disney getaways. The trip includes 12 meals, 4 nights, and 5 days full of adventure. This is the perfect option for travelers who want to explore the beauty of the outdoors and enjoy the majestic landscapes of Yellowstone National Park. What is more, it involves staying in the fascinating accommodations of The Wort Hotel and Old Faithful Snow Lodge.  


The Winter in Wyoming Adventure includes amazing activities, such as the Iditarod dog sled tour and a visit to the majestic Granite Hot Springs. Also, you will learn how to guide dogs in a team and enjoy a hiking experience in the national park. Your adventure will accompany a snowshoe tour, allowing you to explore the Old Faithful geyser. Those who want less active activities will enjoy exploring the town square and get time for some shopping. 


But wait, there is more! Take advantage of the chance to take part in a live performance and enjoy some music or enjoy a sleigh ride across National Elf Refuge. Fine dining is not excluded as well considering you can have dinner in a heated tent. 


In short, this is an adventurous trip filled with fun activities for the whole family. Be sure that you and your kids will never get bored because Disney has you covered! So, consider it your next brief adventure or a fascinating add-on to your Land Adventure experience.

adventures by disney escapes disneyland

  • Disneyland Resort Escape, Southern California


The Disneyland Resort Escape includes several locations, i.e., besides the resort, it also includes Walt Disney Studios and Walt Disney Archives. It is an adventurous trip that lasts four days and takes traveling to another level. This Adventure is all about getting away from the ordinary and spending time with friends and family in the magical world of Disney. Travelers stay at the astonishing Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa with five meals included. You only need to let yourself enjoy it – the company handles the rest!


The trip is a dream come true for both adults and children. Genuine Disney fans get the chance to dive into the world of fun characters and fascinating places you only see in storybooks. The greatest thing is that you get a VIP Pass to many popular attractions in the resort, so long lines will not be your issue! 


Moreover, you will see Walt Disney’s apartment and admire the surroundings of the person who created this magical world. This visit will be followed by a guided tour of the Walt Disney Studios. See the very beginning of Disney’s film and witness how it became a classic. But the fun does not stop there. The Walt Disney Archives will allow you to take a look at all the props and costumes that have made Disney’s characters so special and unique! 


This dreamy trip finishes with a delicious dinner at Tam O’Shanter Restaurant, Walt Disney’s favorite place. See why he liked it so much, and do not forget to look for the booth he had in the restaurant. It is the perfect end of a short yet fascinating trip in Southern California. You can consider it when you want a quick adventure or when you want something more on your Disney Land or Cruise Adventure. 


  • Copenhagen Escape, Denmark 


Although cold, Denmark is one of the most scenic countries in Europe. The Disney Copenhagen Escape lasts four days, which is enough time to feel the magic of this wondrous place. The Adventure will allow you to see some of Copenhagen’s most iconic landmarks and take part in memorable one-of-a-kind experiences. 


The trip involves both historical and adventurous activities. For instance, you will learn about Denmark’s history on a private tour of Kronborg Castle, but you will also have tremendous fun at Tivoli Gardens – the second biggest amusement park in the world with thrilling rides and spectacular gardens. 


To dig deeper into Copenhagen’s ancient history, visit the Viking Ship Museum, which displays the famous ships of the brave Vikings. The exciting experience ends with dinner at one of the city’s most popular restaurants, Tivolihallen. 


  • Barcelona Escape, Spain 


Nobody can say no to a four-day adventure in Europe’s most colorful and vibrant city. Barcelona Escape is probably one of the best Adventure by Disney trips, and it allows travelers to get to know the area through the diverse culture, rich history, and delightful food. 


The Barcelona Escape begins at El Xalet de Montjuïc with a Welcome Dinner. This is the first point where travelers get to experience the diverse Spanish cuisine. Be prepared to try some of the most unique and delicious delicacies. Moreover, the trip includes a visit to Museu de Montserrat, an exploration of Sagrada Familia, and many other landmarks that make the city authentic. 


Remember to spot Antoni Gaudi’s masterpieces everywhere you go around Barcelona, but be especially alert when you walk down La Rambla. This is where you will see two of his houses representing architectural finesse and uniqueness. The trip finishes with dinner and a spectacular flamenco dance with stunning dance moves!

Paris Adventures by disney escape

  • Paris Escape, France 


Have you ever wanted to visit the City of Lights and Romance? Disney offers you the opportunity to get to know Paris within three days and have the time of your life! Paris Escape is rather short, but just enough for you to have a chance to spot all the iconic landmarks and enjoy the fascinating views. 


Some of the best activities you will do during this Adventure by Disney Escape are a private tour of the Louvre Museum, a picture-perfect dinner at the Eiffel Tower, and a Saint-Germain guided food tour. With accommodation at the beautiful Hilton Paris Opera, you will have a blast during your travels. It is a great add-on to the Adventures by Disney River Cruise vacation, but you can also consider it as your stand-alone short holiday.

Rome Italy Disney tour

  • Rome Escape, Italy 


Let your adventure be in the spirit of ancient history and marvelous architecture! Rome Escape is one of those trips where you get to learn things and enjoy yourself at the same time. The trip lasts four days and includes a stay at Marriott Grand Hotel Flora and seven meals.


The Colosseum and St. Peter’s Basilica are obviously on the agenda. However, you will also visit the Vatican, admire the Sistine Chapel, and enjoy your meals at spectacular places with majestic scenery. Prepare to taste some of Europe’s most delicious delicacies, considering Italians are known as the best chefs worldwide. 

ABD London

  • London Escape, England 


The London Escape is also a short adventure but a quite dynamic and fun one! Enjoy an afternoon tea at the Waldorf Hilton and a scenic boat road along the River Thames. The minute you land in the city, your adventure will take a thrilling turn, and the excitement will never stop. 


Get ready for a lot of posing in front of Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and London Eye. However, besides visiting landmarks, you will get the opportunity to live a few hours like English royals do – enjoying afternoon tea combined with sandwiches. You need nothing more to create spectacular memories! 


  • Buenos Aires Escape, Argentina 


The Buenos Aires Escape is most likely one of the most distinguished and versatile Adventures by Disney Escapes. Staying at Alvear Icon Hotel or Alvear Palace Hotel, your trip will be filled with amazing activities that will allow you to feel the city’s local energy.


Besides visiting famous iconic spots around Argentina’s capital, you will also have many other exciting activities on your agenda. In only three days, experience the joy of horseback riding, the sensuality of tango dancing, and the art of cocktail-making. The trip includes these kinds of classes that will give you another perspective on life and teach you some new things. 


  • Amazon Escape, Brazil


If you want to experience Brazilian natural treasures, the Amazon Escape is the right Disney getaway for you. This is the longest Escape the company offers because it lasts 6 days and includes 14 meals. Moreover, it is the adventure of a lifetime because the Amazon area is unique, and you only get to witness such beauty there! 


Once you land, your thrilling experience begins. First, you will spot the fascinating Amazonian wildlife all around you. Then, you will get to know the communities in these surroundings and see a new way of life. Enjoy a ride on the Anakonda River and explore the Amazon Rainforest closely! These are things you cannot experience elsewhere in the world!


Get ready to see breathtaking greenery, astonishing parrots, majestic dolphins, and many other gifts of nature. Also, prepare to taste some amazing local dishes and try fun sports like kayaking and canoeing. If you are up for some real adventure, this trip should be a no-brainer! 


Adventures by Disney Escapes are perfect for travel options for travelers keen on quick trips. You can choose the destination of your dreams and explore it briefly without hours of planning and stress. These brief adventures are perfect solutions for many travelers who want to keep their journeys simple yet authentic! 

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