Are you looking to be a travel agent, AKA Disney Travel agent job?

Do you love to travel?

Is Disney World, Universal Studios, Or maybe Cruising or luxury travel something you already help your friends with for their vacations?


Pixie Vacations - Hiring travel agent jobs


If so, please contact us about being a Pixie travel agent at Pixie Vacations.

Looking to offer vacations other than Disney?  We offer much more than Disney Vacations, and have a FREE MASTER CLASS to get you the training you need to be successful.  We do like to have new Pixies learn one vacation destination such as, Disney, Universal, Cruises, or All Inclusive, Luxury Travel to start, that way you don’t get overwhelmed in the beginning.

We want to set you up to succeed as a Pixie.  Here is what we are looking for:

  • You have traveled to and have experienced Walt Disney World as a guest.
  • You need to have a group of people from the start that are good prospects to book with you.
  • People that do well are leaders in their community, church, are involved in community activities, team sports, and are the go to person for questions.
  • You will need to have a computer, internet, phone and good communication skills.
  • You must be a self starter to get going, you have to have an action plan to let people know why they should book a vacation with you.  How are you going to get out there to your community to start selling vacations?
  • You also need to think outside the box on how to meet new people, doing school events, online lives, traveling to vacation destinations and posting about it and directly telling friends and family about your travels and how you can get them there too.
  • You should already have a list of future clients started so you can hit the ground running.

About Pixie Vacations

Lisa and Steve are both past Disney cast members that worked at Walt Disney World.  In 2010 we opened Pixie Vacations.  We are a Platinum EarMarked Authorized Disney Vacation Planner agency.  You may have seen us on ABC, Disney, CNN, etc.  We love to travel and are always supporting and promoting travel.

We also work with you at Pixie Vacations on how to sell Disney vacations, marketing, on site training opportunities, and as you grow we are happy to help you learn new travel destinations, cruise lines, and all inclusive resorts.  But Disney is a great place to start your travel planner career and not get overwhelmed with selling everything to everyone.

We also have a Free Complete Travel agent guide that you can read here to learn more about being a travel agent.

Why be a travel agent?

We are an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner agency.  This means we have accomplished certain standards with Disney to reach this certification.  We are also a Top seller of Sandals and Beaches resorts, Universal Orlando Resorts, Royal Caribbean and many other destinations.  We will help train you in these destinations if you want to learn about them.

We have a Free Master Training Class to get you up to speed quickly so you can start booking vacations right away, plus an amazing group of Pixies and travel suppliers ready to help.

We have highly visible social media sites, websites, podcasts, etc. and have been on ABC, Disney, NBC, CNN, and many more shows, radio shows, newspaper, podcasts, and blog posts about our travels.  We are know in the industry and are always willing to help people that want to succeed in the travel industry.

We have a fantastic relationship with all the travel destinations we cover and have hands on training as well as webinar trainings to get you up to speed on all travel destinations, cruise, weddings, group travel, etc.  We also do several different FAM (travel agent training trips) a year so you can experience Disney, Universal, Cruises, Caribbean, Mexico, etc. to better understand resorts for booking clients.

This is a job, not a hobby, but we understand you might have to do this as your side hustle you leave your day job at some point.  But you should actively be contact people you know to help them plan their vacations.

What types of vacations can I sell?

We are a full service travel agency so you can sell pretty much all vacation destinations.  That being said you should pick a destination to specialize in so you are not overwhelmed and trying to learn everything at one time.  If you love Disney, then Disney World, Disney Cruise, and Disneyland is a great place to start.  If you cruise often then maybe Royal Caribbean is a good niche for you.  Do you travel to places that offer allergy free dining and are a lead contact in  a community that needs help planning trips with children with allergies or special needs? If so then you can focus on allergies or special need travel.  Over time as your clients want to travel to different destinations we have those destinations available too.

How do I get clients?

Pixie vacations has social media accounts, podcasts, videos, and is in the news.  We get leads that are given to our experienced Pixie agents, but you will be using your circles of friends, community, and social groups are you a part of to get clients.  It’s important that you take a proactive roll in getting with friends and people in your social circles so you can help them plan their next vacation.  After the first vacation, get with them for what their bucket list is for future travels.  Also ask for referrals and grow your clients this way.

What does it cost to be a travel agent?

Our training master class is 100% free.  There is no yearly fee to be a Pixie.  We do however have a Pixie email address that you will pay to have with Google that is $7.50 a month from Google, and also we use a booking engine software and you pay the booking engine directly for the tool.  It’s $25 a month for the booking engine.  We also provide your first set of business cards for free.  We are not here to charge you a monthly or yearly fee to be a Pixie, but these two low cost expenses (email and booking tool) are necessary tools to complete your job and book clients.  Your bookings commissions will easily cover the $25 a month booking engine software fee and $7.50 Gmail cost that they charge you. Again this is a Disney Travel Agent job, not a hobby, and we are looking for people that want to be Disney Travel agents as a career in the future.

Also this is not a MLM.  You will see some companies in the business where people are getting more people under them and building a MLM.  We are a travel agency and it’s you that will be helping family and friends book magical vacations, not working to find people to be under you.  


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