Experience The Cruise Of A Lifetime On Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady


Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady, an inaugural cruise ship is nothing short of a journey into a world of luxury, innovation, and non-traditional cruising. This cruise ship offers an entirely novel experience, leaving all preconceptions on dry land.


Sailing from her home port of Miami, the Scarlet Lady by Virgin Voyages passes through various Central American and Caribbean cruise ports. Some include Roatan in Honduras, Mexico, Key West, and the beach club at Bimini in the Bahamas.


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I am a big fan of cruises and I have to tell you I was really skeptical of Virgin Voyages.  I knew I would hate this cruise line before I ever got on.  And to be fair the carpet with the crazy lines on it in the hallways and the stateroom that looks like I could take apart all of my furniture with an Allen wrench in less than 10 minutes was not a great start to my Virgin Voyages Cruise.  But from that point on everything was Amazing.  I realized it not about the room decor on Virgin Voyages.  I have been on a lot of cruises and Virgin Voyages was easily on my top top 3 list of all time best cruises ever.  The staff was fantastic.  I don’t mean just great.  They went well above and beyond.  I don’t know where Virgin Voyages gets these great people from.  Food!  WOW!  Best cruise food ever.  Royal Caribbean, Princess, Disney Cruise Line even Luxury ships like Seabourn I think Virgin Voyages has better food in most cases if not in all cases.  Anyway, if you want to book a Virgin Voyages Cruise I am happy to help you and I have all the latest Virgin Voyage Cruise Specials listed here.

Scarlet Lady Virgin Voyages Review

First Impressions of the Lady


Any passengers aboard the Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady know this will not be an ordinary cruise experience. This 2,770-passenger vessel sets itself apart with a bold and contemporary design, offering a unique adult-only experience. 


As I stepped on board this innovative, new ship, the vibrant energy of the Scarlet Lady immediately captured my attention. The ship redefines luxury cruises and focuses on flawless services, thoughtful touches, and unique experiences. Adventure-seeking travelers like myself will be treated to incredible cuisine, fun entertainment, and a unique experience.


The ship boasts 17 decks filled with various amenities, making it a floating paradise. Mesmerized by the sleek and modern design and attention to detail in every corner, I knew that the Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady cruise promises an experience like no other. The ship celebrates Virgin’s commitment to redefining the cruise industry, breaking from conventions with a fresh perspective.

A Tech-Savvy Cruise

VirginVoyages wristband technology, rewards, key


Technology is clearly incorporated into the design of this innovative cruise ship. A group of cheerful crew members welcomed me on board the Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady. They handed me a smart technology band made of recycled plastic, which provided hands-free access to my cabin. It enabled me to pay for drinks and other onboard purchases, and all I needed to do to activate it was swipe my wrist.


Within the cabins, I used the in-room tablet to adjust the lighting. I discovered a clever option that transformed my bed into a sofa during the day. 


Each cabin has a 43” + 4K flat-screen HDTV with Bluetooth connectivity, at least six USB ports, and both 110v and 220v power outlets. 


The Cabins

Virgin Voyages staff and rooms Steve Griswold

The cabins and suites on the Scarlet Lady by Virgin Voyages are a haven of comfort and style. The bathrooms offer a good-sized rainshower, toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, hand and body wash), and hairdryer. 


I also found the in-room safe very practical, fitting a 17” laptop. There is also a mini bar with an ice bucket you can use. 


Rockstar Suites, XL Sea Terraces, and Sea Terraces are the cabins offered on this Virgin Voyages cruise. I stayed in a Sea Terrace cabin, and the floor-to-ceiling windows offered breathtaking sea views. The minimalist design and clever storage solutions made the cabin feel spacious. The bed was incredibly comfortable, and the smart room technology added a touch of modernity to my stay.

Lady’s Dining Options


Dining on the Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady is an adventure in itself. The ship boasts over 20 dining venues, each with its unique concept. From the upscale steakhouse at Wake to the lively Mexican restaurant at Pink Agave, I indulged in a culinary journey that exceeded my expectations. 

Virgin Voyages Dining on the Scarlet Lady.  Dessert

I used the Virgin Voyages app to book some of the dining options. For guests who have trouble finding the desired time, the on-board travel services will help with the reservations. But even if they’re not available, there are plenty of places to eat.


My personal favorite is the interactive dining experience at Gunbae. It was a great experience to cook my food on the flameless grills and play a traditional Korean drinking game. I also enjoyed some fun food and friendly service at Razzle Dazzle, but The Wake’s tasty steak and fish dishes and the sea view were priceless. 


Relaxing on A Different Level


The Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady cruise’s amenities are designed for maximum enjoyment. The Redemption Spa offers a tranquil escape, and the well-equipped gym provides a space for fitness enthusiasts like myself. The Scarlet Lady also features a tattoo parlor, Squid Ink, where guests can get inked by renowned artists – a unique sea offering.


Whether it’s participating in fitness classes, trying my hand at mixology, or lounging in one of the many well-curated spaces, the Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady is abundant with activities. The ship’s focus on well-being extends to its outdoor fitness area, B-Complex, providing a holistic approach to health while cruising. 


I like to run, so The Runway was my personal favorite. It’s a running track with 2 lanes at the ship’s very top. Enjoying the fantastic view of the ocean while working out is an exceptional experience. 

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Night Party

Partying Into the Night 


Virgin Voyages cruises truly understands the importance of entertainment at sea. The Scarlet Lady features a variety of options, from immersive shows to live performances. The outdoor spaces, including the sun deck with a chic pool area, were perfect for relaxation and socializing. The Scarlet Lady’s entertainment options cater to diverse tastes, ensuring there’s something for everyone.


The ship transforms as the sun sets, offering a vibrant nightlife experience. It hosts captivating shows in the Red Room, featuring everything from Broadway-style productions to intimate performances. I really enjoyed the themed parties, like the GLOW After Dark, which added an extra layer of excitement, and the innovative nightlife venues, such as The Manor, which provided an intimate and immersive experience.


And the ship wouldn’t be called the Scarlet Lady if they didn’t organize a Red Night. It’s a night when everyone on board the vessel wears something red.


The Cost


Virgin Voyages adopts a ‘Voyage Rebelliously’ approach, offering a transparent pricing model. The cruise fare includes dining, basic beverages, gratuities, and some group fitness classes. While specialty dining, premium drinks, and shore excursions come at an additional cost, the inclusive nature of the fare sets Virgin Voyages cruises apart from traditional cruise lines.


Ready to book?


The Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady offers a fresh and exciting approach to cruising, catering to those seeking a contemporary, adult-only experience. The ship’s innovative design, diverse dining options, and vibrant entertainment make it a standout choice for travelers seeking to break traditional cruise norms. The Scarlet Lady is nothing short of exceptional, promising an unforgettable journey at sea.  For the current Virgin Voyages Discounts and Special Offers, I have a list here.

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