Adventures by Disney, Italy: An Unforgettable Experience in The European’s Gem 


Planning a trip with the entire family is challenging, considering you need a fun vacation for everyone. Exploring new places can be tricky if you do not have a solid plan with adult and children-friendly activities. So, adventures to Italy might seem impossible to you. However, there is a company that offers amazing family trips that will provide you with everything you need. Adventures by Disney Italy itinerary is one example of a perfect family holiday with great features! 


Here, we have listed the itinerary that they offer, along with all the activities and stops that happen along the way. Once you go through it, you will understand whether this is something you are looking for. This might be the Disney family vacation you have always wanted, but you believed it impossible! 


Key Takeaways

Is Adventures by Disney Worth it?

I have been on two Adventures by Disney trips with my family.  Yes they are expensive but everything is covered and the Disney level of service is unmatched.  My kids loved both Adventures by Disney trips and of course would love to do everyone adventure they offer.


My wife and I own a travel agency, Pixie Vacations, and we are both past Disney World Cast members.  So needless to say we love Disney.  We have been on Adventures by Disney and are happy to help you plan an Adventures by Disney vacation and we also have access to the latest Adventures by Disney Special Offers.  We would love to help you plan your vacation, and just need a few more details to get you a quote.  Get a Free no obligation Adventures by Disney quote.


Italian Adventure with Adventures by Disney 


If you have thought that a family trip to Italy will never be possible, you are about to change your mind. Disney Adventures in Italy offers the perfect program that both parents and adults can enjoy. Their activities and schedules are adapted to the needs of different kinds of families, so you will certainly find them preferable for your vacation. 


Moreover, the Adventure by Disney Italy itinerary is quite versatile, meaning you will find exactly what suits you. You will visit landmarks, explore museums, experience the culture, and taste Italian fine dining. In short, the company offers you a dreamy vacation with the entire family, with everything included! 


The Italian adventure offered by Adventure by Disney encompasses four locations: Rome, Tuscany, Florence, and Venice. These are the most visited cities in the country, with spectacular features that should be seen at least once in a lifetime. Furthermore, you can count on gorgeous accommodation options in Italian hotels with exceptional services. And, we should not forget to mention the great meals included in the whole program. In other words, signing up for the Adventure by Disney Italy trip means experiencing Italy with all its magnificent elements and giving your family the adventure of a lifetime in eight days. 

Adventures by Disney Italy Map


Adventures by Disney Itinerary for Italian Vacation 


The entire Adventures by Disney Italy itinerary is carefully structured to allow families to enjoy their trip to the fullest. This means you do not have to go from one place to another in a hurry but in a rather paced manner.

Adventures by Disney Italy Day 1 itinerary

Day 1: Rome

Arrive in Rome 


Once you land in Rome, the first thing on the itinerary is meeting the representative of Adventures by Disney. Right from the airport, the representative takes you to your car, giving you the initial guidelines you need for the time being. The car will take you to the Hotel Gran Meliá Rome so you can settle, refresh, and prepare for the awaiting activities. The way from the airport to the hotel is quite scenic, so ensure to pay attention to the things you pass by and take it all in. You know that first impressions are important!


Hotel Gran Meliá Rome Check-In


Once you check in at the hotel, do not forget to explore all the amenities it offers. Hotel Gran Meliá Rome is characterized by elegance, sophistication, and spectacular city views. You can enjoy the pool and the lush greenery of the gardens but also take advantage of the hotel’s proximity to the river Tiber and the Vatican. 


Explore Colosseum


Before you embark on your Disney family vacation, you first see the magnificent Colosseum in Rome. You will have the chance to explore the majestic ancient structure that will take you back in time. You will see the famous spot of gladiator fights and housed spectacles. During the exploration, you will learn a lot about ancient Rome and understand the origins of what we today refer to as the most glorious historic mark! 


Welcome Reception Accompanied by Private Dinner 


The first day of the Adventures by Disney Italy itinerary also includes a welcome reception where you will get the chance to get to know the other families on the same adventure as you. The event is hosted in a private hotel room with a marvelous view of the pool. Besides getting to know people, you will also get the opportunity to try some heavenly Italian dishes. 

Italy Adventure by Disney trip

Day 2: Rome 

Early Exploration of The Vatican 


Your second day in Rome will begin with an early private tour of the Vatican with a guide. You will get to explore the art and the museum and admire the works of the greatest artists ever. Moreover, you will learn everything about Michelangelo’s best work at the Sistine Chapel. 


Breakfast at The Vatican 


Once the tour finishes, you will enjoy a delightful American breakfast at the Bistrot La Pigna. It is when you will fuel your body for the adventures that follow after the meal. 


Panoramic Motor Coach Tour of The City 


Rome is quite big so a panoramic motor coach tour around the city is a must. The private coach will allow you to comfortably admire the sights and see the most of Rome. 


Walking Tour Around Rome 


There is no better way to get to know a city than with a walking tour around it. You will have the chance to explore the ancient streets of Rome with a guide and learn about the history and art of it. This will be an opportunity to admire all the popular Rome spots, such as the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, and the Pantheon. And this will be an opportunity to try the original Italian gelato we all know about! 


Lunch at a Local Restaurant 


The day’s program finishes with a delicious Italian lunch in a local restaurant. 


Free Afternoon and Evening


After lunch, the itinerary gives you the chance to explore Rome on your own. This will be your chance to do some shopping and enjoy a fine dinner in some of Rome’s popular restaurants. For the best experience, you can ask Adventures by Disney staff for recommendations to ensure your whole family enjoys. 

ABD Europe Guided Tours by Disney

Day 3: Rome and Tuscany 


Visit St. Peter’s Basilica 


After an American breakfast at the hotel, you will visit St. Peter’s Basilica – one of the largest churches worldwide and a real gem of Renaissance architecture. It is a guided tour, so you will have the opportunity to learn all about history. 


Travel to Orvieto, Umbria 


Once the tour of the Basilica is finished, you will head for Orvieto, Umbria. You will travel by bus, meaning you will get to admire the spectacular beauty of the Umbrian Valley. 


Exploration of The Upper Town of Orvieto


Your time in Tuscany will begin with an exploration of the upper town of Orvieto on your own. You can go on a family adventure around town and see the well-known Duomo di Orvieto. It is a cathedral with a breathtaking appeal and unique Gothic features. 


Lunch in a Local Restaurant 


The Adventures by Disney Italy itinerary includes lunch in a local restaurant in Orvieto, where you will try some delicious traditional dishes. 


Check-in at The Gorgeous Hotel Borgo Di Cortefreda 


As your Adventures by Disney representatives check you in the hotel, you can enjoy a drink in the hotel and admire its exquisiteness. The hotel’s location offers majestic views of olive orchards, miraculous vineyards, and the magnificent Chianti Mountains. 


Adult Dinner at The Hotel 


Disney Adventures in Italy includes a fantastic dinner accompanied by traditional Italian delicacies and fine Italian wine from the region. You can join the wine-tasting experience and have a taste of some of the best Italian wines. 


Dinner and a Disney Movie for The Young Ones 


Junior Adventurers will have fun taking part in numerous games and soda-tasting activities. Then, they will have dinner accompanied by a Disney movie. 

Day 4 Italy guided Disney Tour

Day 4: Tuscany 


Pasta-Making Experience 


After a delicious breakfast at the hotel, you will be taken to Fattoria Poggio Alloro, a farm in the heart of Chianti with its own winery. You will be welcomed by a chef who will teach you everything about making pasta. It is an experience you will never forget, considering pasta-making is one of the most unique activities in Italy. 


Adult Wine Tasting and Kids Olive Oil Flavoring 


While the adults will have the chance to taste some of the region’s most outstanding wines, the young explorers will learn all about olive oil flavors. 


Private Fattoria Poggio Alloro Lunch


After the activities, the itinerary includes a private lunch on the farm, where you will enjoy delicious pasta dishes. 


Tuscan Dinner to Remember 


The Adventures by Disney Italy itinerary includes a free afternoon to explore the area on your own. Then, you will enjoy a sensational dinner in a castle in one of the most picturesque spots in Tuscany. 

Italy Adventures Disney Vacations

Day 5: Tuscany and Florence 

Travel to Florence 


After breakfast at the hotel, you will begin your journey to Florence. 


Florence Exploration 


When you reach Florence, you can explore the city on a guided private tour. You will learn all about its history and art and admire all the spectacular buildings around it. 


Rest of The Day on Your Own 


Once the guided tour finishes, you can wander around Florence on your own. Use this time to have a taste of the exceptional restaurants in the city and explore the amazing shops. If you need some suggestions, you can always ask representatives of Adventures by Disney. They will give you the best recommendations for the whole family. 

Day 7 Adventures by Disney Europe

Day 6: Venice 


Train Trip to Venice with Lunch Included 


After breakfast at your hotel, you will set off to Venice by train. It will be an unforgettable experience because you will enjoy the trip’s scenic views. The landscapes are simply magical, so remember to take advantage of the views. 


Private Gondola Tour and a Walking Tour


You cannot enjoy Venice truly if you do not experience a gondola ride. This tour will teach you all about Venetian canals and the floating city’s history. Then, you will explore the most famous spots on a guided walking tour. 


Check-in at Hotel Hilton Molino Stucky, Followed by a Welcome Reception 


The hotel is located on Giudecca Island, which you will reach by private boat tour. The luxurious 5-star hotel will offer all the amenities you can imagine along with breathtaking views of Venice. After you check in, you will meet the Adventures staff and enjoy a welcome reception.

Day 7 Trip by Disney to Europe

Day 7: Venice 


Doges Palace Exploration and Art Detective Game for The Junior Adventurers 


While the adults enjoy the Doges Palace, the young ones will truly experience what a Disney family vacation is all about! The Art Detective Game is a thrilling experience created by Disney specifically for children. 


Tragicomica – Venetian Mask-Making 


Visit Tragicomica, a shop where you can take part in a private, hands-on mask-making workshop under the guidance of an artisan, and take a scenic walk through the heart of Venice. This will be your chance to create a masterpiece of the masquerade for yourself! 


Free Time for Exploring Venice 


Since your Italian adventures come to an end, you will have the opportunity to enjoy Venice on your own. You can enjoy fine restaurants, spend time in the shops, and admire the breathtaking architecture found all around the city.


  • Farewell Dinner on a Pirate Boat


The last activity on the Adventures by Disney Italy itinerary is a farewell dinner on Jolly Roger. This will be the perfect time to finish your unforgettable vacation and toast the incredible experiences you had while traveling. Of course, you will enjoy Italian delicacies along with several Disney Surprises. 

Venice Italy Adventures by Disney Tour

Day 8: Venice 

Transport to The Airport or Train Station 


Your day will start with breakfast at the hotel, after which you will head for the airport or the train station. This is also handled by the Adventures by Disney, so you can say your goodbyes to your Italian adventures without stressing over luggage or transportation. 


Embarking on Adventures by Disney Italy program is one of the best decisions you can make when it comes to family vacations. The itineraries provided by the company are created with all family requirements in mind, meaning you are in for a real treat. With Adventures by Disney, all your traveling goals are possible, even with young children! 





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