Virgin Voyages Drink Package Your Complete Guide

There are several ways to get your drink on, on Virgin Voyages and I want to make sure you get your Free Virgin Voyages Bar Tab too.

Unlike most Cruise Lines where you can purchase a drink package with so many drinks per day only for you.  Virgin Voyages Drink Package, is not a drink package at all but even better Virgin Voyages has a Bar Tab.  I like the Bar Tab concept better because you have some much money to spend during the duration of your cruise.  You can buy drinks for anyone in your stateroom too, or even for others on the cruise and make friends.

Currently Virgin Voyages has a Bar Tab offer that you need to purchase BEFORE you get on the ship.  It’s $300 and when you purchase it before departure, you get an extra $50 on your Bar Tab.  You can get the $350 Virgin Voyages Bar Tab Deal here.  There is also a way to get an extra $100 bar tab that I’ll go over in my Virgin Voyages Hacks below.

Where can you use your Bar Tab?

You can use your Bar Tab at every bar and restaurant on Scarlet Lady, Valiant Lady, Resilient Lady or Brilliant Lady, as well as at Virgin Voyages’ private resort, Bimini beach club in the Bahamas.

Virgin Voyages Drink Prices

I found the drink prices on Virgin Voyages to be very reasonable.  Also the drink price already includes the tip so there is no extra 18-20% charge added like on other cruise lines.


Drop It Like It’s… $13
ron zacapa $23 rum, zignum mezcal, banana and a hint of spice
Stella’s Groove $13 aviation gin, st-germain and limoncello with a splash of lush tropical fruit
Reach Out $13 belvedere vodka, passion fruit, vanilla and lemon for a sweet and tart delight
Ginger-Tea Mule $13 ketel one vodka and ginger with a fresh floral and spice twist
Island Time $15 bacardi? superior, olmeca altos, beefeater, orange, lime, jasmine, soursop…oh it’s on


Walk Away Cocktails $13
moscow mule
pineapple daiquiri
smoky margarita



heineken lager 5
heineken light lager 5


amstel light lager $6
corona extra lager $6
wynwood brewing co. la rubia blonde ale $7
funky buddha brewery hop gun ipa $7
heineken lager $5
heineken 0.0 non-alcoholic $5


red bull $5
red bull sugar free $5


Virgin Voyages Drink Menus

Here are the drink menus from the bars and clubs on Virgin Voyages and at Bimini Beach Club.  These are PDF files so you an save them or print them also.

Athletic Club Drink Menu

Bimini Beach Club – Cabana Drink Menu

Bimini Beach Club Bar Menu

Draught Haus Drink Menu

Pink Agave Drink Menu

The Manor Drink Menu


What is the drinking age on Virgin Voyages?

The drinking age on Virgin Voyages in international waters is 18, in the United States it’s 21, and in other ports, Virgin Voyages will go with whatever their country’s laws specify.
Virgin Voyages Drink Package - Virgin Cruise Drink Package Deal

Basic cocktail

Herradura Plata, Mount Gay, Tanqueray, Jack Daniels
$9 (Tip included)


Heineken, Amstel Light, Kalik, Narragansett
$5-6 (Tip included)

Drink Packages wine

Wine by the glass

42% of our wines by the glass are under $10 (Tip included)



Let me start with the most common drink questions and then I’ll get to how to get free drinks on Virgin Voyages.

Drink Questions

How do I pay for drinks on Virgin Voyages?

You will get this cool wearable bracket when you get on Virgin and that bracket is super easy to use.  Just tap to pay.  The drink will then be charged to your stateroom folio.

How do I shake for Champaign?

First you need to have the Virgin Voyages APP on your phone. Then shake your phone three times while in the app.  Also you need to have your Virgin Voyages wearable on your wrist so the Virgin staff can locate you.

Do “premium drinks” also mean I can get non-alcoholic options?

Yes you can purchase or use your Bar Tab to purchase premium juices or coffee drinks without alcohol.

What time is coffee available?

Free drip coffee is available in The Galley all day long 24/7. The Grounds Club was my favorite spot for my Cappuccino or two a day.  Hey they were only $4 which is a steal.  The Grounds Club was open 7 AM – 8 PM but be sure to check your Virgin Voyages APP for times.  I am going to show you how to get $10 worth of FREE coffee drinks a day below, so keep reading.

What do I need to get a drink at the bar?

The band is all you need.  When you check in put down your credit card or cash and then use your band all over the ship to make purchases.  You can even use it at Bimini Beach Club for drinks too.

Are drinks included on Virgin Voyages?

Yes there are some drinks included on your Virgin Voyages cruise: filtered still and sparkling water, non-pressed juices, sodas, satchet teas and drip coffee, are all included.

Can I bring my own bottle of wine to dinner?

Yes, the corkage fee is $25 at the different restaurants on Virgin Voyages.

What’s included in the Mega RockStar daily bar tab?

Sailors staying in a Mega RockStar Quarter can revel in exclusive access to complimentary drinks and bottles of wine around the ship – with reasonable limits, of course. This includes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks (up to $25) and two (2) bottles of wine per day per cabin (up to $90).

Beyond this, Sailors will receive 25% off drinks priced more than $25, as well as 25% off additional bottles and those priced more than $90.


Virgin Voyages Hacks


One of the best kept secrets is Virgin Voyages Deep Blue Rewards.  You get all sorts of Free Virgin Voyages Sailor loot (goodies) when you join Deep Blue Rewards.  This is Virgin Voyages Status Match.  So if you are a certain status on Royal Caribbean, Disney Cruise Line, MSC, etc you can send that status to Virgin Voyages and they will match it on Virgin Voyages.

They will have you email in a photo of the status you have on another cruise line and then in about two weeks they will email you back and you will see Virgin Deep Blue Rewards added to your Virgin Voyages APP.  You get some cool extras with Deep Blue:

$100 Bar Tab
Free Laundry service (one bag or two pressed pieces)
Free Premium WiFi
Special Check in at port (I did not see this but it must be there someplace)
A special cocktail party with other Deep Blue members
A special person to help you onboard if needed (I did not use this)
$10 worth of coffee or speciality juice drinks per day.  (At only $4 for a capichino at the coffee shop this is a great deal)

These rewards are Per Cabin.

Also If you add a Virgin Voyages Bar Tab at the link I have here ($300 Bar Tab) you will get $50 extra added to your Virgin Bar Tab.  But you have to do this before you sail.