Disney World Crowds 2020

If you have not been to Walt Disney World on a vacation in a while there is so much new.  Not only has Galaxy’s Edge AKA Star Wars Land opened at Disney Hollywood Studios, but the Disney Skyliner is now in operation to take you from select Disney World resorts directly to Epcot and Disney Hollywood Studios.  Disney is getting ready for the 50th anniversary in next year in 2021 but you can still see so manynew rides, attractions, shows and resorts without the Disney World 50th anniversary crowds.

You are in the right place to plan your Disney vacation.  We have collected past crowd level data and have added different events to our estimates for events like holidays, cheer-leading events, special events, marathons, Brazilian tourists, Spring Break dates, and more.

You can also get an idea of off peak dates based on when Disney offer vacation package discount and room discounts,  So in addition to using our historical data look at current Disney World vacation package offers, especial Disney Free Dining, to get a great vacation price and also hopefully avoid some crowds.

There is a full 2020 Disney crowd calendar here that you can view to the right, but that is just a sample of 2020 crowd levels.  To see each month of Disney Crowd level estimates scroll down the page and also CLICK on the month to open a more in-depth look at that specific months estimated crowd levels.

No we don’t have a magical way to determine future crowd levels at Disney parks but we do have previous years to look at and trends that we can follow.  We also recommend you research each Disney park on the dates you are going to Disney World.  A Disney Park with Extra Magical hours in the morning can get you on and off some top attractions before the general public is allowed in, then leave that park and park hop to another to avoid the higher afternoon crowds in the Extra Magic Hours Morning park.  We have loads of Fastpass strategies, Extra Magic Hours TIPS, and years of Disney planning experience, so be sure to also look around at our other Disney planning articles.

2020 Disney World Crowd Calendar by Month:

January | February | March | April | May | June | July | August | September | October | November | December

Here is a sample of the WDW Crowd Calendar:

Disney World Historical Crowd Levels

When I was a cast member working at Walt Disney World in the 1990’s the traditional Disney World crowds were in the Summer.  Families are off in the Summer and Walt Disney World was the vacation destination they went to.  In 2020 the Summer at Disney World is much slower.  It is also hot in Florida in the Summer.  You also use to be able to go to Disney World and find low crowds in September, October and November.  The crowds at Disney World in the Fall and Winter were so low that Epcot created the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival to draw crowds to come to Disney World.  Disney World also added Halloween Parties, Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and also a Christmas Party – Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.  That along with the Wide World of Sports ESPN complex brings in crowds and groups to fill the slow periods at Walt Disney World.

No Longer in Fall the light crowd season at Walt Disney World and as Disney keeps adding and moving special events the Disney crowds follow.

Don’t worry, that’s why you are here.  We have a Disney Crowd Calendar to help you find a perfect time to visit Walt Disney World.

This WDW crowd calendar is based off past data estimates for Disney World attendance.  Nobody knows what future Disney World crowd levels will be and this calendar should not be used solely to plan and book a Disney vacation.

Happy New Year!  Walt Disney World knows how to put on an amazing party and New Years at Disney World is no exception.  If you can muster the crowds you should celebrate New Years at Walt Disney World at least once in your lifetime.  Even if you just get a deluxe resort room by the Magic Kingdom and watch the fireworks from your room with the music piped in on your TV.

January is also a great month to avoid crowds at Disney World.  Not on New Years but January 8th (Mid-Week) – January 17th are some of the more medium level crowds as well as January 22 – 31 with a slight up tic on the weekends.  These crowd levels are not low, but they are about Medium which is a nice way to start the new year.

Disney World crowd levels are growing this year in February 2020.  Your best time for Medium crowd levels at Walt Disney World if Feb. 1-13  Anytime after that you are in Heavy to the most popular travel dates.  President’s Day Weekend kicks off school breaks and from that weekend forward you are getting heavy crowd levels.  This does not mean you can’t enjoy a Disney vacation.  You just need to prepare ahead of time, book your Disney Fastpasses, take advantage of Extra Magic Hours, and get into the parks early to beat others that normally show up at 10 – 11 AM.  You can get so much done if you get to the parks right when they open and be heading out of the Parks at 11 AM to go back to your  Disney Resort of a mid-day break.  Then hit the Disney parks again in the evening as everyone else is tuckering out. 

March and Walt Disney World is usually sunny and a nice arm temperature.  This is perfect because March up North is still freezing cold, wet and grey.  When March arrives I m over Winter and can’t wait to escape to sunny Florida.  A vacation down to Disney World lets me escape the cold grey weather and enjoy the EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival.  The EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival is my way to kick of Spring 2020 early, enjoy the warm Disney weather, and also enjoy some of the food booths setup for the festival at EPCOT. But remember March has become a very high Disney World travel month, even more popular than March 2019.  The entire month of March is Heavy crowds, but that’s were we can help you plan and strategies to make the most of each day at Disney World.

You can still attend the EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival in April and the flowers at this time of the year I think are at their peak.  For April 2020 crowds you start to see Medium crowd levels the last two weeks of April (April 19-30 would be the dates with medium crowds.  Also April is still a cooler time to be outside in FL all day walking around in the Parks before Summer hits Orlando.

Currently May 2020 has the lightest crowd levels we have seen for the entire 2020 calendar year.  If you are looking for light crowds May might be the best month.  Years ago Disney World was packed during the Summer.  But now people avoid the Summer at the parks and vacation in the Fall.  This makes for lighter crowds in May, June and July than in previous years.  The EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival ends in early June and as the Florida weather is getting warmer some of the flowers and gardens are past their peak at this point.  If the heat does not bother you and if you drink lots of water and include indoor rides and attractions, the Summer at Disney World could be a great time for your vacation.

It’s Summer time at Walt Disney World and the kids are out of school.  Your crowd levels are estimated to be Medium almost the entire month of June 2020.  The crowds are not as light as they were in May 2020 but they are still manageable.  Family’s are not spending Summers in Orlando like they use to and you can take advantage of these medium crowd levels but just be prepared for the heat and afternoon thunderstorms.  Bring a rain poncho and stay cool and you can enjoy Disney World all Summer long with this medium crowd.

July 2020 is a fantastic time to enjoy everything Walt Disney World has to offer, including some of the lowest crowd levels (Moderate to Medium Crowds Predicted).  Even July 4th weekend overall at the Disney World Resort is not bad with crowd levels, but expect high crowds at the Magic Kingdom that weekend.  You could plan a Disney Resort day for July 4, or venture into Epcot which holds larger crowd levels.  But overall July is a nice time to travel to Disney.  Of course it will be hot in Orlando in July so be prepared for the heat and showers.

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