August crowds at Disney World are worth a look into before planning your late Disney summer vacation.  August can still have hot weather in Orlando Florida and still Summer vacations.  There is also the beginning of Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival opening dates in August and the opening dates for Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween party at the Magic Kingdom.  Yes it’s a little early to get into the Halloween mood, but the Halloween party at Disney World is really well done and a special ticket event I would recommend if you are not able to get down to Disney Would in October.

August Disney World CrowdsAvoiding Disney August Crowds

 August does have some historically lighter crowd levels.  If history repeats itself I would try planning a Disney World vacation where the green WDW crowd calendar dates have happened before.  Shot for the last two weeks of August. 


Disney World August Events

August starts Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival.  This is Epcot’s most popular event and I love Food and Wine at Epcot.  Everyone else now loves Food and Wine at Epcot too, so crowd levels can go up at Epcot during this event.  Be sure to check out our Epcot International Food and Wine festival details so you can plan your perfect day at Epcot.

Also in August at Walt Disney World is Mickey’s Not-So_Scary Halloween party.  This Halloween party at Disney World is great for all ages and if done right is a fantastic value and great way to see so much during this special ticket event.  I have a full guide on Mickey’s Not-So_Scary Halloween Party with all the insider tips.  It is odd doing Halloween in August but if you are not going to be back at Walt Disney World on vacation in October, party tickets can be purchased for August.

Other Crowd Calendar Resources

I am happy you are here and using our WDW Crowd Calendar, but I want to share other Crowd Calendar resources with you.  My favorite non-free Disney Crowd Calendar is at Touring Plans.  Touring Plans also has a tool that lets you create “Touring Plans”  The Touring Plans service is pretty affordable, and you can also search the webs for a Touring Plans Coupon Code to save a few dollars.  Again remember that these crowd level estimate are just that, estimates, and crowd levels can change often and for any reason.