Is Virgin Voyages All Inclusive?

One question I get all the time: Is Virgin Voyages All Inclusive?

There are so many things included on a Virgin Voyages Cruise that I would say, it’s pretty close to an all inclusive cruise feel.  There are some luxury lines that do offer Alcoholic drinks and excursions in the cruise faire, which Virgin Voyages does not, but Virgin Cruises do have very fairly and affordability priced drink options.

If you have not been on a Virgin Cruise, It’s like nothing you have ever experienced.  You are going to have a fantastic time and I am happy to help you with any questions you have.  We have a team at Pixie Vacations that are here to help you plan your Virgin Cruise vacation and there is no charge for our services.  So feel free to ask any questions you have and we will make sure we book the best priced Virgin Voyages cruise that’s a perfect fit for you.  If you would like to see the current Virgin Voyages Cruise Deals they are always listed here.

What do you get on a Virgin Voyages Cruise?

There are so many things that comes standard as part of a Virgin Voyages Cruise no matter the cabin type you book.  So when you compare a Virgin Cruise booking price to say Royal Caribbean or Carnival Cruise you need to be aware that you are not comparing apples to apples.  Some cruise lines louer you in with super low cruise fares and the you walk off the ship with several thousands of dollars of up charges.



Is Virgin Voyages all inclusive?  Here's what's included in your Virgin voyages cruise

Wifi is included

Yes WiFi is included on Virgin Voyages.  This is a big deal.  Almost every cruise line charges extra for WiFi and they charge by device, by person, etc.  There is a nice basic WiFi package that you get included on your Virgin Voyages Cruise.  It you want to upgrade this, yes that’s an option.  So if you are looking at watching videos, or doing more taxing stuff, you can upgrade and it’s also very very reasonable.  My wife got the Premium Voyage pass for the entire Virgin Cruise for only $30 but she would have been just fine with texting, emails, browsing on the Virgin Free WiFi.


Virgin Voyages Dining - Is Virgin Voyages all inclusive

Virgin Voyages Dining

Virgin Voyages does not have buffets and also all dining establishments are included in your cruise price.  These are two big differences you will notice on Virgin Voyages and I think this is a big reason Virgin Voyages is becoming so popular.  I hate getting nickeled and dimed to death on a cruise ship.  I feel like I’m being sold a timeshare on some cruise lines.  Not Virgin Voyages.

Almost every cruise line has two types of restaurants:  Included standard dining and Specialty Dining Restaurants.  The Specialty Dining comes at an up charge, $35 – $150 per person for that specialty dining restaurant.  Not Virgin Voyages It’s all included.  Now there are some special menu items just like on other cruise lines that might have an extra charge.

Virgin is pretty much all inclusive and that’s what I love.  Again, if you want to eat at Gunbae, Razzle Dazzle, anyplace, go ahead, it’s included.

There are over 20 dining options on Virgin Voyages, all fresh and no buffets.  You do need reservations for some dining so make those to be sure to get a table.

Is Room Service Included?

Is Room Service Included.  Yes but there is a delivery fee of just $7 for On Us items. However, that fee is waived if you’re ordering a chargeable item – like a glass of wine or specialty coffee – or if you’re staying in one of our RockStar Quarters.


What is Ship Eats?

ShipEats is Virgin Voyages Cruise Line onboard food and drink delivery service AKA Room Service, which you can access through the Virgin Voyages App.  Again there is a $7 Delivery Fee for On Us Items.
Virgin Cruise Drink Package Deal. Is Virgin Voyages all inclusive?

Are Drinks included on Virgin Voyages?

Sodas are included which is nice because most cruise lines are trying to sell you soda drink packages the minute you walk onboard.
Alcohol, Beer and Wine are not included but this is the case on most cruises.  But with Virgin Voyages they are charging you very reasonable prices for these, and tip is already included in these prices.

Bonus Tip:  I have an Extra Bar Tap Credit for you.  $50.00 extra that you can use for yourself or for friends and be the life of the party when you setup a $300 drink tab you will get $350 to spend.  You must set this up before your cruise here.

How much are drinks on Virgin Voyages?

Drinks are reasonably priced on Virgin Voyages which is really nice to see, because other cruise lines jack up drink prices.


Two beer bottles clink stamp


Heineken, Amstel Light, Kalik, Narragansett
$5-6 (Tip included)



Stamp of a cocktail inside of a martini glass

Basic cocktail

Herradura Plata, Mount Gay, Tanqueray, Jack Daniels
$9 (Tip included)


Bottle of wine and wine glass stamp

Wine by the glass

42% of our wines by the glass are under $10 (Tip included)

What drinks are included on Virgin Voyages?

The nice thing is you do get a selection of Free Drinks on Virgin: still and sparkling water, sodas, juices and some basic teas and drip coffees.

Like I said before this is much nicer that buying everyone in your party a $30 a day soda package.  And again other specialty drinks are not marked up like crazy and there is no extra 18 to 20% gratuity then added to the already inflated drink price.  Don’t forget to take advantage of the FREE MONEY Bar Tab that I have setup too which get’s you $50 extra when you setup a $300 tab ($350 tab) when you book your cruise here.


Virgin Entertainment

Pretty much all entertainment on Virgin Voyages is included as part of your cruise fare.  This is inline with most other cruise lines, but I would say Virgin does step up their night time entertainment, parties and DJs as this vibe is defiantly inline with the Virgin crowd.  There is really only onw entertainment extra on the Virgin Resilient Lady ship that is an extra cost and that is the Another Rose show.  This show is more of a Cirque acrobatic type performance that is just on this one ship.

From Virgin: Where an acrobatic love story meets a celebratory dinner party, you’ll never forget Another Rose. A one-of-a-kind immersive experience produced by Randy Weiner, and developed exclusively for us, this delicious feast for the senses is equal parts cabaret and immersive theater. You’re invited to join your hostess for the evening as she guides you through a tale of love and a life lived fully.

Another Rose Is it Worth it?

For $50, Virgin Voyages is trying something new here and this is a step away from the All Inclusive feel I think Virgin Cruise Line has.  Another Rose is in Virgin’s, The Manor and starts with a nice included welcome beverage and sparkling rose as well as themed cocktails during breaks in the show.    This show does come with dinner and there are three Tiers to the venue each with a unique view.  I have not seen this show yet, so please let me know if you think it is worth the extra cash.

All shows are 100% free on Virgin’s three ships: Scarlet Lady, Valiant Lady, and Brilliant Lady.

Bimini Beach Club - Private Island

Bimini Beach Club Virgin Private Island


Virgin Voyages has their own private island beach party and unlike some other cruise ship islands this one is not going to up charge you to go to certain sections.  Virgin’s getaway is called Bimini Beach Club and it’s an all inclusive party on the beach. Basically Virgin has found the nicest  upmarket resort and it’s all yours to enjoy for the day.  Food is included but of course you still have to pay for cocktails.  There are six bars and a large freshwater pool and you can relax right on the beach.  There are a limited number of cabanas which are for rent too around $350, but hey you can have any amazing time without renting one.


The Beach Club at Bimini cabana

Tipping on Virgin Cruises

One thing that also give Virgin Voyages that all inclusive vacation feel is tipping.  On almost every other cruise line you are charged a per day per person tipping amount.  For example your head waiter, waiter, room steward, etc all get a daily tip that was not paid already when you paid for your cruise.  Also when you buy a drink at a bar on most cruise ships they are going to add a mandatory gratuity to that bill of 15-20%.  So tips add up really fast into the high hundreds of dollars when you check out.

It’s refreshing that Virgin Voyages does not hit you with extra tipping costs as it’s already part of the cruise price.


What is Extra on Virgin Voyages?

Virgin Cruise Line Spa

Hopefully you are getting the vibe that I have had all along.  Virgin Voyages is pretty darn close to All Inclusive for a cruise line.  There are always ways to “Plus Up” your cruise vacations and Virgin does offer those too, but I feel like Virgin has approached cruising differently and is not trying to get you on their ships at a low low price to sell you to death at inflated pricing.  That is very refreshing.

I have put together a list of what’s extra on a Virgin cruise.  Your cruise is going to be excellent if you walk off not purchasing a single thing.  I also want to offer my assistance with your Virgin Cruise free of charge.  If you are planning a Virgin Cruise vacation I have a team of Pixie’s at Pixie Vacations that are ready to answer any questions you have and also make sure you get the best price on a Virgin Voyage tailored just for you.

What’s Extra?

  • A Select Few Premium menu items at the restaurants
  • Alcoholic beverages, speciality teas, speciality coffees, and fresh squeezed juices
  • Spa treatments
  • A few Select entertainment shows and classes (Most are Free)
  • Shore excursions
  • Premium WiFI Access, Regular access is Free


How to get the best price

Virgin Voyages has so many different vacation offers that it can be confusing.  There are also extras like the Bar Tab that when booked before sailing are well worth doing for the extra cash you get to spend onboard.  I am happy to help you find the best vacation deal and I have a fantastic team at Pixie Vacations that will work with you one on one to help you book that perfect cruise vacation.

There is no cost for help and nothing is rolled into your vacation.  It is truly free and we have all the current offers and special extras to make your vacation perfect.  To start please send me some of your vacation details so I can get you some of our current Virgin Voyages vacation offers.

You can also go to Virgin Voyages website here to take a look around yourself.


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