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A Disney Cruise can be an expensive vacation.  But I believe the cost of a Disney cruise is well worth what you pay because of the Value you get for your vacation dollars on a Disney Cruise.   What does a short Disney Cruise cost?  I ran the numbers for you and here is a three night Disney Cruise:

3-Night Disney Bahamian Cruise from Miami

Returns: September 18, 2023

Ship: Disney Magic


  • Inside 
  • Oceanview $2,704
  • Veranda $3,051
  • Concierge $5,586 


For this Disney Cruise Line price I selected two adults and two kids.  I priced this Disney cruise with the two kids being ages 12 and 8.

The first thing you notice is Disney Cruises prices of course are going to vary by the length of your cruise.  So if you want a quick getaway a 3 night cruise to the Bahamas might be a nice way to save on your Disney cruise.  Also the port or itinerary of the Disney Cruise can pay a big part into the price of the cruise.  If you are sailing out of San Juan Puerto Rico the price will probably be lower for your Disney cruise than is you are sailing out of Miami.  But you need to take into consideration the cost of flights to these destinations.

I have an article about Is a Disney Cruise Worth it.  But for this article I want to cover my top ways to save money on your Disney Cruise.

How to save money on a Disney Cruise

It’s important to take into consideration that Disney Cruise Line prices can vary greatly depending on a few factors.   I will cover each way you can save money on a Disney cruise and also you can combine this Disney Cruise Line saving tips to get even bigger savings for your vacation.

Time of year that you cruise

A Disney Cruise During October will be less expensive than a Disney cruise vacation during prime season like Spring Break or during holidays.  If you can travel when everyone else is in school, during off peak seasons, you will find cheaper Disney Cruise Line offers.  If you home school your kids pick a Disney Cruise line date when public school kids are in school and enjoy the savings on your Disney Cruise.

When to book a Disney Cruise

Disney Cruise Line does not offer last minute cruise deals like Royal Caribbean or other cruise lines.  The lowest priced Disney Cruise will be on the first day that cruise itinerary is released.  Booking a Disney Cruise as far out as possible will lock you into the lowest rate for that stateroom category.  Also with the popularity of Disney Cruise Line room categories sell out quickly.  If you book your Disney cruise a few months before sailing, it came be difficult to find the stateroom category you want.

Book your Disney Cruise with a travel agent

Yes tehre are still travel agents :).  But Disney travel agents, or I should say travel agents that specialize in Disney Cruise Line, will have all the latest Disney Cruise Line discounts and special offers.  It is much easier to contact a travel agent that specializes in Disney Cruises than guessing at what cruise to take and what stateroom, floor, excursions to book.  Your DCL travel agent will be able to share all their personal Disney Cruise Line tips with you from their personal cruise experiences.

Book your next Disney Cruise onboard

When you are on a Disney Cruise that is the perfect time to book your next Disney Cruise.  When you book your next Disney Cruise on the ship you will get special on board Disney Cruise Line offers.  Be sure to tell them to add your travel agent to the on board booking to take full advantage of this.  When you book your next Disney cruise on board you don’t have to pick your sail dates.  You are basically just holding a future Disney Cruise with a small deposit.  This gets you a 10% discount and also sometimes a Disney cruise shipboard credit.  When you get back home contact your travel agent so they can help you start planning you next Disney Cruise using the pre-booking you made onboard.

Disney World Vacation Packages 2013 - 2014

Book a Walt Disney World Vacation with a Disney Cruise

Port Canaveral is about 45 minutes away by car from Walt Disney World.  So a Combo 3-4 night Disney Cruise along with a Walt Disney World Vacation makes for a nice overall Disney vacation.  I would book the Walt Disney World vacation as the first part of your trip and the 3-4 day Disney Cruise as the second half of your vacation.  I think the Disney Cruise is more relaxing and a nice way to end your Disney vacation.  Also a Disney Cruise is more of an all inclusive feel and you are not having pull your wallet out for every meal.  If you go on your Disney World Vacation after your Disney Cruise I sometimes feel like I am constantly having to pay for meals, and other snacks, etc. when I just got off a relaxing all included Disney Cruise.

Book a Disney Cruise

Yes, booking a Disney Cruise by itself can save you money.  Don’t lead the low cruise price advertisements from other cruise lines pull you away from a Disney cruise.  You need to price compare your Disney Cruise with other cruise lines based on Value, not just the cost of the cruise.  Other cruise lines might look cheaper but after you pay for signature dining, kids clubs charges, and all the extra cruise add-ons you end up getting a big bill under your door on your last night of your cruise.  Disney Cruise Line includes some many things already and the higher level of service, entertainment, and included extras makes a Disney cruise a great value.  I know when I come back from a Disney Cruise my family and I are coming back with amazing vacation memories.  My time is valuable and I only get so many vacation days I year.  I want to make sure I come back excited to tell everyone about the amazing vacation I just had and that’s what Disney cruise line offers.

Plan ahead for your Disney Cruise

Having a plan for what you want to get out of your Disney Cruise will save you time.  Like they say, Time is Money.  This is where your Disney Cruise Line travel agent can help you out greatly.  Work with a travel agent that knows Disney Cruise Line because they again will direct you to activities, shows, excursions that are perfect for your family.  The agents knowledge will help you avoid those fist time mistakes and give you Tips that will add that extra bit of magic to your Disney cruise vacation.

I hope these money saving Disney cruise line tips have given you several ideas on how to save money on your Disney cruise.

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