How Much Is A Disney Cruise?

Is a Disney Cruise worth it?  Disney Cruise Line offers everything from a 3 night to a 7 night cruise and Disney Cruise Line covers all sort of cruise itineraries.  But to get you an idea what a Disney cruise costs I have listed some sample Disney cruise prices. Price is not the only thing to take into consideration when trying to determine if a Disney cruise is worth the price, but the cruise price is something everyone always looks at first.

I have priced several Disney Cruise Line sailings to give you a feel for what a Disney cruise costs.  For each sample Disney Cruise Line price I selected two adults and two children for my stateroom.  The kids in my sample Disney Cruise pricing are ages 8 and 12.

If you are looking for more or less cruise days, a different cruise port, different vacation dates, or different cruise staterooms, the Disney Cruise prices can go up and down quickly,  so tweaking your dates, staterooms, etc can help you find a Disney cruise at a price that is right for your travel budget.

Let’s get to Disney Cruise prices.

For a 7 day Disney Caribbean Cruise here is what you can expect to pay per person per day:

  • Inside room: $190
  • Oceanview:   $220
  • Verandah:     $245
  • Concierge:    $750

Sample Disney Cruise Costs


3-Night Bahamian Cruise from Fort Lauderdale
Returns: April 8, 2024
Ship: Disney Dream
  • Inside $2,802
  • Oceanview $2,904
  • Veranda $3,098
  • Concierge $6,063
7-Night Alaskan Disney Cruise from Vancouver
Returns: June 19, 2023
Ship: Disney Wonder
  • Inside $7,775

  • Oceanview  $9,052

  • Verandah $14,946

  • Concierge $32,228

7-Night Disney Eastern Caribbean Cruise from Port Canaveral
Returns: September 9, 2023
Ship: Disney Fantasy
  • Inside  SOLD OUT

  • Oceanview $6,046

  • Verandah $6,592

  • Concierge $11,900

Top 5 ways to save on a cruise


1. Your cruise dates play a big part in your cruise prices.  Booking off season and when kids are in school can help you land soe cruise deals on Disney Cruise Line.  Keep an eye out for deals out of Florida cruise ports in the Fall (September through November too).

2. Selecting the right cruise itinerary can save you money on your cruise too.  If you can drive to the port you can save on flight costs.  Also shorter Disney cruises that are 3 or 4 days will give you a taste of what Disney has to offer at a lower cruise price.

3. Your stateroom type plays a big part in your cruise costs.  If you book an entry level lower deck interior stateroom on Disney Cruise Line you will defiantly save money.  BUt also look at what you want to accomplish on your cruise vacation.  Is waking up to the sun rise and going to bed to a drink on the balcony something that’s important to you?  If you want extra space, price in the stateroom upgrade.

4. Book with a Disney Authorized Vacation Planner.  These travel agents have access to all the latest Disney Cruise Line offers and latest Disney Cruise Line discounts.  You don’t have to worry about missing a Disney Cruise Line deal when booking with an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner and they also have been on the Disney cruise ships, know the shows, food, island excursions, and can guide you as well as save you time and money.

5. Book your next cruise onboard.  When you book your next Disney Cruise while on a Disney ship you can get some extra savings.  Be sure to also tell the Disney cast member to put the name of your Authorized Disney Vacation Planner on the Disney cruise booking so you can use them when you get back home to help plan your next Disney cruise vacation.  A booking on-board the ship is like a place holder, so your Authorized travel planner will help you get the stateroom you want, the itinerary, and extras.

Also be sure to read our Free Guide of Disney Cruise Line Tips.


Disney Cruise Line review


So pricing for a cruise can vary depending on many different factors.  Time of year you are cruising, number of cruise guests, when you book, if you book with a travel agent for the best deal, etc.  But again, price is not the only way to determine if a Disney Cruise is worth the cost.

Other Cruise Lines offer what they call in the travel industry, as lead in rates.  These are the cruise line rates you see for a rock bottom price.  But you need to be careful so you understand what you are getting.  Does the cruise rate cover port fees and taxes?  Lead In cruise rates are to get you excited but often there are other things not included in that price point.  Compare apples to apples is key when planning to book a cruise.

Most importantly what are you getting for your cruise dollars?


On a Disney Cruise it’s as close to an All Inclusive cruise vacation that you will find.  You are not getting on a Disney Cruise for a rock bottom price, But you are getting what I call Magical extras included with your cruise price.

First, I have to say the level of service on a Disney ship is hard to beat.  Everything from the wait staff knowing my kids names and having their favorite drink and extras already at the table when I sit down is a nice special touch.  Disney Cruise Line exceeds my expectations every time.   Level of service is often something people don’t consider when looking for a cruise.  But I really want to make sure the time I spend with my family on vacation allows everyone in my family to have a great time.  Time and value are always part of my cruise booking decision and Disney Cruise Line offers so much already in the cruise price.

All Inclusive Cruise Feel


When you walk into a Disney ship you walk into a classic ocean liner lobby, not a shopping mall.  Other cruise lines go for a Vegas feel, with indoor malls filled with high priced items, extra water and soda drink packages, and up sell after up sell.  On a Disney Cruise it’s pretty much all inclusive.  Sure you have to pay for drinks like cocktails, beer, and wine, but sodas and water are part of your package already.  Kids Club is included so you are not having to pay for Build a Bear, $20 to make a T Shirt, etc.   You can have your kids go to the kids club and then go enjoy an adult night out, catch a show, go to the adult only pool, or go to one of the late night clubs.  Or if you want a family night out, go see the Toy Story production in the Walt Disney Theather, catch a new release Pixar movie, or dress up as pirate for Pirate night under the stars.  There is no lake of things to do on a Disney cruise and you don’t have to reach into your pocketbook everything you want to do something.

Remy on Disney Cruise Line



Disney Cruise Line has amazing food.  The dining experiences and the food quality and service on Disney Cruise Line makes a Disney Cruise well worth the price.  Your wait staff goes with you every night as you move from restaurant to restaurant.  I love this!  There is no reservation needed to dine every night, no having to tell a new waiter every night that I am allergic to shell fish.  And the food quality is amazing.  Sure you get dining on other cruise lines but the food quality might not be there and the restaurant might be booked up.  Other cruises are always up-selling you and only really offer the great steak or wonderful sea food at their specialty restaurants that can cost you $45+ per person per meal.  I like to pay my one set  Cruise Line price and enjoy myself.  I don’t have to worry about getting my cruise folio under my door on my last night of my Disney Cruise and seeing $3,000 in extra charges.

Disney Cruise Line does have Palo and Remy for that extra special meal and there is an up charge for these 5 star dining experiences.  But up-selling for your dining is not the Disney MO.  Palo is $45 a person and well worth the $45 Dinner up charge.  I usually book one Palo dinner in Disney Cruise Line when I sail.  Remy is $125 a person (as of 2023) and also an amazing 5 Star dining experience.

Mouse Chat, A Disney Podcast, has several Disney Cruise Line Podcasts that cover all sorts of listener questions they have answered for first time Disney cruisers.

Disney Dream Family Cruise Kids Sail Free



Another great value is the Disney level of entertainment.  If you have been to a Disney park, you know this Disney level of service and entertainment already.  The level of service, story telling, and entertainment that Disney has is unmatched.  From Broadway caliber shows, to Marvel, Disney Characters, Star Wars, etc.  The entertainment is off the charts.  Your kids will be spoiled in the Disney Cruise Line kids clubs.  We found it difficult to get our kids to leave the Disney kids clubs, they loved them that much.   My daughter played hide a seek with Tinkerbell.  How cute is that?  The nighttime shows are family friendly and entertaining for all ages.  I felt think I was able to introduce my kids to live theater in a way that they enjoyed it.  There is even a fireworks show at sea.  Watching fireworks from the pool deck on Disney Cruise Line is a bucket list experience you will always remember.

Book your cruise with a travel agent

Yes there are still travel agents :).  But Disney travel agents, or I should say travel agents that specialize in Cruises, will have all the latest Disney Cruise Line discounts and special offers.  It is much easier to contact a travel agent that specializes in Disney Cruises than guessing at what cruise to take and what stateroom, floor, excursions to book.  Your DCL travel agent will be able to share all their personal Disney Cruise Line tips with you from their personal cruise experiences.


Disney World Vacation Packages 2013 - 2014

Book a Walt Disney World Vacation with a Cruise

Port Canaveral is about 45 minutes away by car from Walt Disney World.  So a Combo 3-4 night Disney Cruise along with a Walt Disney World Vacation makes for a nice overall Disney vacation.  I would book the Walt Disney World vacation as the first part of your trip and the 3-4 day Disney Cruise as the second half of your vacation.  I think the Disney Cruise is more relaxing and a nice way to end your Disney vacation.  Also a Disney Cruise is more of an all inclusive feel and you are not having pull your wallet out for every meal.  If you go on your Disney World Vacation after your Disney Cruise I sometimes feel like I am constantly having to pay for meals, and other snacks, etc. when I just got off a relaxing all included Disney Cruise.


There is so much value in a Cruise for the price

When asking yourself is a Disney Cruise worth the cost?  Again take into consideration everything that Disney Cruise Line offers, not just the Disney Cruise price.  You only have 3-7 days most of the time to enjoy your vacation each year and Disney Cruise Line gives you everything you need at a great value in my opinion.  I have not even touched on Castaway Cay. Disney Cruise Lines private island, or the special cruises like Marvel Day and Sea and Star Wars Day at Sea cruises.

I can go on and on about Disney Cruise Line and the extra value you get when booking a Disney cruise.  I am happy to help you with your Disney Cruise Line questions and with your Disney cruise planning.  Disney cruises prices can vary greatly based on the time of year, stateroom selected, and number of nights.  For Disney Cruise Prices below this article is a quick quote form that will give me more details about how you like to vacation and your family dynamic.  If you would like some free help with planning and booking your cruise vacation, please take a moment and send me a quick Disney cruise quote request.