I’m going to get you all the goodies that Virgin Voyages has to offer with the Virgin Voyages Status Match program!

Let’s do it.

Virgin Voyages Sailing Club

Virgin Voyages Status Match comes in the form of what they call their Sailing Club.
The Virgin Voyages Sailing Club gets you all kinds of extras for your Virgin Voyages cruise.  Best of all the club is free.

How to unlock the benefits of this Virgin Voyages rewards program?

When you sail on Virgin Voyages you start to earn status.
So just booking a Virgin Voyages cruise is the first step to getting rewards.
There is also status Matching with Virgin Voyages and you can do this several ways if you have status on other cruise lines.

Status Matching

If you have sailed Royal Caribbean for example and have a high status level on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, then Virgin Voyages will status match you on their cruise line.  This is the fastest and easiest way to get status on Virgin Voyages.

To get a status match you can fill out the status match form here.  You will need to have a photo / screen capture of your cruise status from another cruise line ready before you fill out the form.

Which cruise lines does Virgin Voyages status match?

Azamara – Circle
Carnival – VIFP Club
Celebrity – Captain’s Club
Disney – Castaway
Holland America – Mariner Society
MSC – Voyagers Club
Norwegian Cruise Line – Latitudes
Oceania – Oceania Club
P & O – Peninsular Club
Princess – Captain’s circle
Royal Caribbean – Crown and Anchor Society
Virgin Atlantic – Flying Club
Virgin Australia – Velocity Frequent Flyer
Windstar – Yacht Club

You also will need to indicate and prove which status tier you are at with the cruise line you submit.  The status tier will be taken into account when match status with Virgin Voyages and what Deep Blue Extras you receive on Virgin Voyages.

What are Deep Blue Extras?

Sail by December 31 2024, get Deep Blue Extras.
Sail after December 31 2024 check back here for updates to Deep Blue Extras in the new year.

Deep Blue Extras are what you want to get.  On my recent Virgin Voyages Cruise here is what I scored.

Deep Blue Extras is like VIP treatment.  When you arrive at the port there is a special check in area just for passengers with Deep Blue Extra.  When you check in you get a special arm band.  It’s pretty hype and definatly makes you stand out in a crowd.  This special bracelet is in addition to the standard red Virgin Tab to pay bracelet.

Insider Tip:  When you put the VIP Deep Blue REwards Braclet on, do not tighten it too much.  It will NOT loosen and will not come off.  You will have to cut it off after your cruise.

Deep Blue Extras:

  • An Exclusive cocktail event
  • Access to dedicated onboard Sailor Services
  • $100 Bar Tab Credit
  • Free Premium WiFi
  • Free Laundry (One bag or two pressed items)
  • $10 worth of specialty Coffee or fresh pressed juices per day

All these Deep Blue Extra rewards are Pre Cabin.
The charges will show up on your stateroom folio and then Virgin Voyages will deduct them later.
You can and should check your stateroom folio with the Virgin Voyages APP because some of my charges did not get deducted and the chat feature in the APP got this resolved really quickly while I was still enjoying my cruise and not having to wait in line at the front desk.

What is the best Deal on Virgin Voyages?

I have the latest Special Offers and Deals here for Virgin Voyages.  There are Bar Tabs, Money off, and much more.



Start Planning Your Virgin Voyage Cruise

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Expedited Boarding

Expedited Boarding

A VIP-style dedicated line at embarkation awaits you at the terminal.

Bar Tab

$100 Bar Tab Credit

Sip on cocktails, mocktails, smoothies and more with $100 in drink credits on us.

Premium Wifi

Unlimited Premium Wifi (where available)

If you can dream it, we can stream with access to our premium wifi.

Sailor Services

Dedicated Sailor Services Support Onboard

For any and all of your needs, you’ll have access to a dedicated agent.

Cocktail Event

An Exclusive Cocktail Event

A special cocktail experience for those with Deep Blue Extras.


Laundry Service

Two pressed items, One specialty-cleaned item, and a bag of laundry — on us.


$10 daily specialty coffee credit per cabin

Because you deserve to be glamorously caffeinated for everything you’ve got planned.

You can also earn status on Virgin Voyages by sailing on Virgin Voayges.

Sea-Rover status is exclusive to Sailors who sail with Virgin Voyages twice between 2022 and December 31, 2023.

Access to Virgin Voyages Deep Blue Extras on your third revenue sailing (and every sailing after) until December 31, 2024.

A $100 Bar Tab bonus* per year through 2024.



Virgin Voyages status match, gets you a bar tab

Virgin Voyages Status Hacking

There is a creative way to get status on Virgin Voyages on your first cruise without having any previous status on any cruise line.  I don’t know how long this status hack will last but here it is.

First you need to apply for a Hilton Credit Card.  You will have to do a little research on Hilton Credit cards but Hilton has a credit card that you can get that will give you Hilton Resort status.  Once you have the Hilton resort status you can status match your Hilton status with MSC cruise lines.  You see where I am going with this.  Then you status match MSC cruise lines with Virgin Voyages and get your Deep Blue Rewards.
Make sure you have several months before your Virgin Voyages cruise to do all this because just applying and getting the Hilton Credit Card, will take time.

Virgin Voyages Bar Tab

Yes, Virgin Voyages has a drink package AKA a Bar Tab and I have all the details on how to get Extra Cash for FREE on your Bar tab at this full article, so be sure to read this article next before booking your cruise.

How to get the best deal on your Virgin Voyages Cruise

If you are going to book a Virgin Voyages cruise, all the best deals are here.  These are the current Virgin Voyages special offers and they are available to book online.  Or I am happy to help you one on one to book the perfect Virgin Voyages cruise for you.  I just need some additional details to help you book so I can get you a free no obligation quote.