Plans have been filed with the state that show a V shaped route on Disney property.  Could this be a cable car system coming to Walt Disney World?  The monorails at Disney World are fantastic but expensive to operate and Disney buses can get held up in traffic.  Walt Disney World could be looking at ways to get guest from park to park or some of it’s larger resorts to Disney Hollywood Studios.  A cable car system would allow Disney to avoid the roadways while moving guests over top of property.  Disney could easily make sure the cable cars are outside of themed areas so they don’t mess up themed lands but also give riding guests wonderful views of property.

I just returned from Walt Disney World and they are really working on transportation improvements.  Roadways around Disney Hollywood Studios and the Magic Kingdom entrance are being updated as we speak.  I think a cable car system would be a good fit for Walt Disney World.  Cable cars are now air conditioned and can be moved of the cable to load guests that need more time.  They have come a long way and could be a more affordable way for Disney World to move guests around key areas.

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