1. Select a travel agency that specializes in Disney Vacations. Disney Vacations should be their main focus and not just another product they sell.  You want to be able to hear about dining options, what is the best park ticket to buy, compare Disney Resorts, What are the park hours, etc. and a travel agency that specializes in Disney vacations will be able to help you with these things.

2. Book with an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. An Authorized Disney Vacation Planner is a travel agency that has been awarded a special designation from the Walt Disney Company. Only a select number of travel agencies have this designation for meeting or exceeding standards set by the Walt Disney Company. authorized disney vacation plannerYou will see this logo on marketing materials from Authorized Disney Vacation Planners.

3.  Make sure your travel agency has Disney experience.  Are they past Disney Cast Members that have worked at Walt Disney World, have they been on the Disney Cruise Line, and to Walt Disney World.  You want a travel agency that knows and lives Disney so they can recommend and explain experiences to you that fit with your family.

4. Book with a travel agency that offers vacation price monitoring.  Don’t book with a no service travel agency that just books your vacation and you never hear from them again.  Find a Disney travel agency that monitors your vacation and will lower your price if a new Disney discount or Disney promotion comes out.

5. Find a travel agency that knows Disney that works with you one on one.  You would think all travel agencies would help you plan your vacation but some agencies go to call centers or to a general email box.  You want a travel agent that knows your name and that you can call or email with questions.  If you call the agency and get a different agent each time and have to explain what you want every time, then move on.  If the travel agency does not let you call them and you can only email them, that can be a problem when you are standing at Disney World or trying to get on your Disney Cruise and their is something wrong with your reservation.

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