There are so many Disney Fans on social media today and with TikToks popularity you can find a perfect mix of Disney content that will entertain you for hours.   We have put together a fun and unique list of DisneyTikTok accounts for every type of Disney fan.

Dave XP Disney


Animated Disney – @dave.xp – A fun animator from Costa Rica who takes current TikTok treads and animates them in unique ways with Disney characters.  A super popular TikTok Channel that you can get lost in for hours.  Sponge Bob is also covered on his TikToks and I don’t think Disney owns him yet.  Yet!

Best of Disney Parades and Fireworks –  @gentlemansdisney Remember when Disneyland and Walt Disney World had parades and night time shows?  Well we are hopeful those will be back soon in 2021, but until then, @gentalemansdisney has you covered with parades, shows, and Disney characters.

From a Disney Cast member@disneyglennb is a former Disney cast member that takes you around the Disney parks for a look at new exhibits like “Soul” at Epcot as well as quick looks at rides, attractions, shops, and characters at Walt Disney World.

Living at Disney@livingbydisney provides a  look at Walt Disney World from an Orlando Florida local that brings you the latest news and happening while sharing fun videos from around Walt Disney World. Looking to move to Orlando?  She can help you out there too.

Nostalgic Disney@days_gone_disney takes you back in time to wax poetically over nostalgic Walt Disney World and Disneyland.  Days Gone Disney  also sprinkles in  current rides and events from current Disney park visits to bring some Disney sights and sounds to brighten up your day.

DIY DisneyBuilding Disney in your backyard@disneyparksdiy takes Disney to your home or office by building fun ride systems and attractions step by step and taking you along from concept to final attraction.  Want to build the haunted Mansion in your garage?  This is the DisneyTikTok to start with.

Fun, colorful, and relaxing Disney@disneyista has a colorful, fun, and has well edited clips covering what’s happening at Walt Disney World.  This Disney World local has a vibrant way of bringing you experiences from the park to your home.

A unique look at Disney Character Art@disneyxqueen showcases many artists different art styles and interpretations of Disney characters and Disney princesses.  It’s fun to watch the transformations of the Disney Princesses and other classic characters.

Quick Disney Park Tours – @disneytimelapse You only have one minute on TikTok anyway so you might as well take advantage of every second.  Disney Time Lapse shows you just that.  Time Lapse Disney Park and Disney Resort footage of your favorite spots and rides at Walt Disney World.

A cool look at Disney Food in films@gabby.jaye creates interesting food dishes based on Disney films and animated movies.  Are you a Universal Studios Fan?  She makes food from the Harry Potter films too!  These dishes, snacks, and drinks are perfect to accompany your next Disney+ movie night.

Hidden Disney Magic@collennlepp Looking for insider Disney park and Disney merch tips?  Collenn Lepp has you covered with her Hidden Disney Magic series on TikTok.  Love Disney Merch?  She’s got you covered too.





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