Hi, my name is Mike.

I have been to Walt Disney World as a teen, a honeymooner, as part of an inter-generational / multi-family excursion, and as a father. And other than the trip made as a teen, I have planned and booked all the trips myself. I have always enjoyed Disney, but it was really experiencing Walt Disney World through the eyes of my children that really got me hooked. At the end of Peter Pan’s Flight, my 5 year old daughter told the rest of the family that she thought that Daddy was having even more fun than she was. My mother in law also came on that trip and I was able to help her use an electronic convenience vehicle. (ECV) My passion with Disney is all consuming; between Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and podcasts; I know what is going in Disney the day it happens, even 17 hours away from Walt Disney World in Ohio. That passion is fueled
by my drive to make every moment of a trip special. Being in constant contact with the World of Disney means I will always be looking out for the best tips, tricks, meals, and deals.

I have spent days in Walt Disney World that I had an amazing time sampling food, viewing resorts, and shopping, without ever setting foot in a park. I have also spent a day in the Magic Kingdom where I experienced over 30 rides and attractions, without being there at opening or till closing. This was during a busier time of August even! Having a plan makes all the difference to what can be accomplished in a day, and I can help increase your chances to experience everything you want.

There are so many details that go into a successful trip to Walt Disney World that Mickey himself knows how helpful having a travel professional can be. That is why my services come at no cost to you. The Disney Company wants you to have a successful and memorable trip and so do I. My involvement with planning your trip can be as simple as booking it, to as involved as daily itineraries and meal reservations. A true concierge level of service is what I offer from before you book your vacation till after you return.


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