Disney Fireworks. For people who don’t visit theme parks often, fireworks aren’t really seen often, outside the occasional Fourth of July or New Year’s Eve celebration… but in theme parks, every night is worth celebrating. Nighttime Fireworks Spectaculars are some of the most iconic offerings Walt Disney World has to offer. They were thought up by Walt Disney himself as a way to provide guests with a “Kiss Goodnight”, a thank you for spending the day there, and a way to close off a day of magic with one more perfect memory. They are most often blends of gorgeous projection-mapped shows along with high-quality, coordinated pyrotechnics, set to nostalgic tunes from beloved Disney classics with messages that pull at your heartstrings, making it the perfect way to end your day at the parks. When are the Disney Fireworks Times?  Here’s everything you need to know about these shows and when they are offered, so you can make the most of these offerings on your next visit to the parks!

Magic Kingdom Fireworks

Disney World Fireworks Times. Magic Kingdom Fireworks with Cinderellas Castle

Nightly: Happily Ever After

Perhaps the most well-known spot to see fireworks at Disney is in front of Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom. Happily Ever After is the title of the current show being offered nightly at the Kingdom, and it absolutely lives up to its name. It takes guests on an incredible adventure along with beloved Disney characters such as Rapunzel, Moana, Aladdin, Hercules, and countless more. Set to timeless Disney tunes, it provides the incredibly inspiring message that your happy ending is waiting for you, and that the key to finding it has been inside you all along. This show encapsulates what Disney Magic is all about and it is sure to be a treat for guests of all ages.

Insider Tip – BEST Viewing Spot

This show is arguably my favorite thing to see in Walt Disney World, so I’ve seen it from every spot imaginable, but there’s nothing quite like seeing the projections on the castle put together with the fireworks. The best spot to watch it is behind the fountains at the end of Main Street (there is one by Casey’s Corner and one by the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor). It is a perfect distance away so you can see the fireworks without missing the castle projections. They also use light effects on the fountain so the water changes colors with the show. I highly recommend getting to this spot at least 45 minutes early, as it does tend to fill quickly.


Happily Ever After is an 18-minute show and is currently shown at 8:00 PM every evening. I recommend checking the My Disney Experience app or the link below to the Walt Disney World website for the most up to date information on times for this show, as times can change throughout the year corresponding with Daylight Savings. Most likely, the show will either be offered at 8:00 or 9:00 PM, but the MDE app will have the most up to date information. There is a reason why Magic Kingdom is known for its fireworks shows. It is truly an incomparably magical experience and I cannot recommend seeing these shows enough.

Celebration Fireworks:

On holidays and special Disney celebrations, the fireworks shows will be adapted to what is being celebrated that night. From Christmas to Halloween to so many more celebrations, Disney likes to make memories as special as they can for guests, and this does not stop when it comes to their Nighttime Spectacular offerings. On the evening of every third and Fourth of July, Magic Kingdom offers their “Celebrate America! A Fourth of July Concert in the Sky” Spectacular. The castle is lit in red, white, and blue, and patriotic music fills the Kingdom as Disney celebrates Independence Day. These fireworks are more focused on the holiday, so there are less references to Disney films and characters, but it is a classic offering and is sure to be enjoyed by guests visiting the parks for Independence Day. The show runs at 9:20 PM on both evenings.

Disney Fireworks Hours at Magic Kingdom

Special Event Fireworks:

On nights when Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is offered, Magic Kingdom shows their “Disney’s Not So Spooky Spectacular” Fireworks Extravaganza. Hosted by Jack Skellington, Mickey and his friends go on a Halloween adventure, visiting some familiar villainous friends along the way. The show is offered at 10:15 PM on Party nights, in between the two showings of Mickey’s Boo to You Parade.

On nights when Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is offered, Magic Kingdom will show their stunning “Minnie’s Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks”. The show is offered at 10PM, hosted by Minnie Mouse herself. It is a celebration of the holiday season, from Carols and Christmas classics to Disney Holiday hits such as “When We’re Together” from Olaf’s Frozen Adventure. The show celebrates the true spirit of the holiday season; sharing it with those you love. The pyrotechnical effects are some of the best offered at WDW, so this show is truly a can’t miss offering if you’re in the parks for any of the special ticketed events offered.

Special Offerings: Specialty Cruises and Dessert Parties

If you’re looking to make your fireworks experiences even more memorable and exciting, or perhaps more private, Disney has special offerings to accommodate you as well! Magic Kingdom offers their Fireworks Dessert Parties, a special dining experience where guests are treated like true royalty, invited to indulge in delectable desserts, beverages, and treated to some of the best seats in the house for Happily Ever After (or the fireworks being shown that night). Prices range from around $120 to $129 per adult, and $75 per child. This is not a private event, so you will be with many other guests for the experience. This is definitely a pricier offering, especially since it is separate from park admission, but it is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

But personally, if you’re looking to make your fireworks experience extra special, I would recommend booking a specialty fireworks cruise. Disney offers pontoon boats that guests can rent for themselves and up to 10 guests, to watch the fireworks in their private watercraft with offered refreshments, desserts, the soundtrack of the show played in speakers in the boat, and your very own captain to charter your experience. This experience is available for both Magic Kingdom and EPCOT’s fireworks spectaculars (more on EPCOT next). The experience retails starting at $449 total. However, it is incomparably magical and special, because you get to share it with your loved ones. It is private, personal, and is sure to make guests truly feel like VIPs.

EPCOT Fireworks

Disney Fireworks Times at Epcot

Nightly: Luminous: A Symphony of Us

Moving on from Magic, EPCOT’s fireworks spectaculars cannot be forgotten! Most recently debuted, Luminous: A Symphony of Us, currently plays every night above World Showcase Lagoon. This show is a stunning blend of water effects, projection mapping, and pyrotechnics that celebrates the cultures of the world, and the things that bring us all together. It is currently offered at 9:00 PM every night, and it centers around the message that there is much more that connects us than there is to bring us apart.

Luminous Epcot fireworks Times

Age groups:

This show is sure to be a crowd-pleaser for guests of all ages. However, I cannot recommend it enough for guests with younger children. From Frozen to Coco to everything in between, the show ties in recent, cult-classics that your children are sure to recognize and sing along to. The fireworks are awe-inspiring, the music is stunning, and the show is sure to be a fan-favorite for families.

Celebration Fireworks:

If you’re visiting for Fourth of July, you’re in luck, because EPCOT also provides a special celebration of America for guests! This past year, the park showed the beloved spectacular, EPCOT Forever, with an added “Heartbeat of Freedom” Grand Finale. EPCOT Forever is a celebration of the heritage and heart of the park, from its origins to the present, and with a grand outlook on the future. The enhancement of the show to celebrate Fourth of July is a special addition and is sure to be a treat for guests who are celebrating in the parks.


Hollywood Studios Fireworks

Wonderful World of Animation:

Last, but most certainly not least, Hollywood Studios does not fall short on Nighttime Spectacular offerings! Currently, they offer their “Wonderful World of Animation”, a show offered in front of the Chinese Theater that celebrates the evolution of Disney animation, from the early films like Sleeping Beauty to current cult-classics like Coco. This is an endearing show that celebrates the growth and change of storytelling through animation. It is shown at 8:30PM every night.

Fantasmic Fireworks show times


The final Nighttime Spectacular is a bit different than the rest, shown in a theater and boasting live performers and characters, but it still offers incredibly exciting fireworks and pyrotechnics. Fantasmic! is offered at 8 and 9:30 PM every night. It is currently offered in an amphitheater with seating at the end of Sunset Boulevard, so it is recommended that guests arrive early and have their entire parties together. Guests can arrive at the amphitheater up to 90 minutes prior to show start.


This show is sure to be a crowd-pleaser for all ages. It also offers seating, so it can be a nice break from standing and walking in the parks all day. If your party has younger or older guests, or simply a preference for leaving the parks in the earlier evening, I would recommend catching the earlier showing. The 9:30 show is usually set to begin when the park closes, so you will likely be unable to avoid the floods of people rushing to exit after the show, while the 8PM show will likely be easier to exit from.

Final Notes

Due to their outdoor setting, inclement weather can affect these offerings. It’s important to keep up to date with the My Disney Experience app for the most accurate information, but Disney will do everything in their power to keep these shows running safely for guests and cast members. If you have the chance, I cannot recommend seeing any of these shows enough. It is truly the magic of Disney come to life and you will not regret taking the time to see them.



Aileen Maldonado is a student working on her Bachelor’s Degree in Theme Park and Attraction Management. She has experience working for the parks as well as spending most of her free time there. She is dedicated and passionate about the theme park industry and loves to share her passion with others.