Best Sandals Resort in Jamaica

I love Sandals Resorts and Jamaica is my favorite island and also the “Hub” of Sandals and Beaches Resorts.  I have to admit I was not always a Jamaica fan, and some of the best Sandals Resorts are in Jamaica.  I had visited Jamaica on several cruise lines and the cruise experience of Jamaica can be off putting.  But once I went to Jamaica for more than just a day trip from a cruise line, I fell in love with the people, the island and also Sandals Resorts.  Sandals has 18 resorts in the Caribbean but many people find the best Sandals Resort in Jamaica for their all inclusive vacations.




Best Sandals Resort In Jamaica Montego Bay Sandals

Sandals Montego Bay

Let’s start Jamaica off right with Sandals Montego Bay.  I usually fly into Montego Bay Jamaica from Atlanta and I can literally be on the beach with my drink in hand before lunchtime.  That’s how close Sandals Montego Bay is to the Montego Bay airport.  It’s literally a 10 min drive.  Also Sandals has airport transfers included so there is no additional cost to get to and from the airport to the resort.

This is Sandals first resort but it’s been updated many times over the years and I love the over the water bar with the hammocks and nice sitting areas completely surrounded by the ocean.  This is one of my favorite spots to hang out and grab an all inclusive beverage day or night.

I have to tell you that Sandals Montego Bay is more of a party vibe.  There is more going on here than at Sandals Royal Caribbean but I would say less of a party that Sandals Ochi Beach Resort on the other side of the island.  I like the party feel but I also have stayed at Sandals Royal Caribbean and just hop on the free shuttle bus to Sandals Montego Bay and back.  You can stay at one and play at the other which is another reason I love Sandals Montego Bay.


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Of course one of the main ways I end up selecting which Sandals Resort I want to vacation at depends on the latest Sandals deals

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Sandals Montego Bay LATITUDES
Sandals Royal Caribbean Over the water Bungalows in Jamaica

Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort

Next up is Sandals Royal Caribbean resort.  This resort is also very close to the Montego Bay Airport in Jamaica.  Literally it’s 15 minutes from the airport.  Just like Sandals Montego Bay this gets you the most time on the beach from the airport and let’s you stay at the resort longer before heading back to the reality of going home.

What I love about Sandals Royal Caribbean is that it’s literally 10 steps away from the beach.  I took ten steps out of my room and was in the lounge chair on the white sand beach.  Yes I counted the steps :). Also Sandals Royal Caribbean has a private island, which is very cool in itself.  There is a boat that takes you to the private island and back and there is also one of my favorite restaurant where you can eat on the beach with white sand under your toes.

This resort is also the first Sandals resort to have over the water bungalows.  Talk about romanic.  These bungalows have the most modern touches inside with that classic bungalow look on the outside.  The over the water bungalow is perfect for a honeymoon too.

One way to save is to book the over the water bungalow for just a few days and a suite for the rest of the time.  This way you start off your vacation or honeymoon with a nice sandals suite and then end in an over the water bungalow and save some cash.



Sandals Negril Room, one of the best sandals resorts in Jamaica

Sandals Negril

This is THE BEACH in Jamaica that you want to put your toes in the water.  The famous 7 mile beach in Negril is at your door step at Sandals Resort Negril.  Also if you are more than a couple, Beaches Negril is also on the famous 7 mile beach in Jamaica and Beaches Resorts are for families.  Sandals Resorts are for “Couples” in love, so no kids.  But Beaches Resorts just down the literal 7 mile beach is for families.

Sandals Negril is a beautiful resort with access to the heart of Negril Jamaica.  The way this resort is constructed is too showcase all of the beautiful seven mile beach.  So the resort itself sprawls along the coast so all rooms are just steps from the beautiful crystal clear blue waters.

On our last trip to Sandals Negril we booked one of the suites and had our butler setup the downstairs living room area for a party for us and our friends after dinner.  We also of course love the swim up rooms where you can walk right out into the lagoon style tropical pool from your room.

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Jamaica south coast bungalow is a good choice for the best sandals resort in Jamaica

Sandals South Coast

AWARD – Best Sandals Resort in Jamaica

Ok this is my favorite Sandals Resort in Jamaica.  I know I should not have a favorite but I do.
Sandals South Coast is a resort all by itself.  That can be a negative or a positive.  There are not a lot of Jamaica activities here because South Coast is away from it all.  If you want excursions I would go to Ochi and one of the Sandals resort over there.  But if you want to relax on a beach that is pretty much empty and at a resort that is the closest to a United States luxury resort dropped in Jamaica, then this is the resort for you.

The only down side is the drive from the airport to the resort can be about 45 minutes, but remember transfers are included in your Sandals vacation, so there is no cost.  I usually go to South Coast from Montego Bay.

Also South Coast has over the water bungalows and some are in the shape of a heart when viewed from above.

Sandals Ochi Resort night life

Sandals Ochi

Ochi Rios Jamaica is where you are going to find excursions like Dunns River Falls and all the outdoor activities you want.  There are three Sandals Resorts and one Beaches Resort in the Ochi Rios area.

Sandals Ochi is a large resort with part of the resort on the beach and part up in the hill tops across the street.  There is a shuttle to take you up and down or you can walk if you like.  Both parts have the famous Sandals swim up bars in the enormous pools.

The advantages to this resort is it’s size and with that it has lots of different room types and price points to choose from.  If you are looking for an affordable honeymoon or vacation at a top notch Sandals resort this is the resort for you.  If you are younger and like more of a party feel at the pool and beach / bars this resort has live music, pool parties, bartenders that are awesome and so much more.

If the nighttime party atmosphere is not your style, don’t worry I have a Sandals resort for you and it’s literally next door, Sandals Royal Plantation.  If you stay at Sandals Royal Plantation you can play at Sandals Ochi too.  They even have a free shuttle to take you next door.  But if you stay and Ochi you can’t play at Royal Plantation.  This is because Sandals Royal Plantation has under 100 rooms and is an all butler suite resort which is great for a quite get away.

Before you go, check out the Sandals Resort Maps for each property here.

Sandals Royal Plantation Beach is one of the best sandals resorts in jamaica

Sandals Royal Plantation


An all butler suite resort with less than 100 rooms.  I took my wife here and we loved our experience.  Like I was saying there are under 100 rooms here and all butler service so if you are looking for fantastic service and a relaxed enviroment this is your spot.  There are two small beaches just down the cliffs.  Private is a keyword.  Small and tucked away.  Have your butler stock up a cooler of red strip and you are set.

If you are looking for more action, entertainment at night, hopping bars, then just get on the free shuttle to Sandals Ochi next door.  Then when you are partied out, go back to Royal Plantation.  Now Ochi Rios Jamaica is a drive, but there is a highway that helps so it’s not rnearly as long as it use to be.  I thik it took us under an hour from Montego Bay and the shuttle transfer is included in your Sandals vacation.

I would say these rooms at Royal Plantation are decorated in the old traditional Bahamian style, with dark hard woods and green marble tops.  If that old school look is not your style there is a remodel coming to this resort.



Sandals Dunn's River

Sandals Dunn’s River

The newest Sandals Resort in Jamaica, but fun fact Sandals owner this resort once before, and now it’s back under the Sandals name.
Sandals Dunn’s River, just like the name is close to all the Jamaica excursions you want to hit on your adventurous Jamaica vacation.  Dunn’s River Falls is a must do.

Sandals Dunn’s River is a beautifully redone resort with Jamaica’s first SkyPool Suites.  Yeah you have a pool for a balcony.  Also these Coyaba Sky Rondovals each have a private pool and also the swim up river design.  With Dunn’s River being new Sandals is trying out new dining options here.  There are 12 dining options including these new restaurants:
Edessa – Greek restaurant
Banyu – Asian fusion
L’Amande –  Jamaican & French
Zuka – Central American

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