Why you should use an AmaWaterways Travel Agent

Taking a river cruise is an amazing expereince and AmaWaterways is the best way to see Europe, Asia, or even Africa on one of many fantastic river cruise sailings.  Booking an AmaWaterways river cruise can be confusing, with so many sailing options, cabin selection, and knowing how to get the best AmaWaterways deal.

There are travel agents that specialize in AmaWaterways, and best of all working with an AmaWaterways travel agent is completely free.  So you can get your travel agents helpful inside, best prices, and some insider tips all included.

Journey along the Danube river, touch history in Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania, or sail the Seine for a Blend of passion for the good life with culture, art, architecture and the timeless landscapes of Northern France. AmaWaterway has the highest rated river cruise ships on the water and I’ve even taken my kids on two AmaWaterways cruises and they loved every minute of it.

The ships and staterooms are innovative and have french balconies.  Some rooms are connecting for families too.  These staterooms are well appointed with nice high end touches, USB outlets for charging your devices, backlit mirrors in the bathroom, comfortable beds, a nice desk area and you don’t feel crammed like on other river cruise lines.

AmaWaterways Travel Agents can help you pick the perfect river cruise like with photo from the Seine river of the AmaWaterways ship

What can an Travel Agent can help you with?

An AmaWaterways travel agent not only knows AmaWaterways from the inside out, but also has traveled on AmaWaterways so as a travel agent we of course know about the different itineraries, sailing dates, latest updates with challenges that can come up with traveling overseas and so much more.  As Amawaterways travel agents we have slept in the staterooms, tried the dining, took the excursions, and so much more.  We are always happy to share out vacation river cruise experiences with you and also make sure you get the best special offer when you are ready to book.


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One of my favorite river cruises is AmaWaterways Christmas Market river cruises.  Looking for that perfect hotel for a pre or post AmaWaterways river cruise.  An AmaWaterways travel agent can make sure you get booked into the perfect hotel to start your vacation or to explore after your AmaWaterways river cruise completes.

With so many ships to choose from an AmaWaterways travel agent can help you select the right itinerary, and the perfect river cruise ship that has the amenities and accommodations that are a match for you.  For example if you want to play pickle ball on the top deck, the new AmaWaterways ships have pickle ball courts.  You can even take a nice bike ride along the Danube if that’s how you want to spend your day, with the free bikes available on some AmaWaterways ships.  So again, an AmaWaterways travel agent can help you make the right informed decision about booking the perfect AmaWaterways river cruise.

In todays post Pandemic world an AmaWaterways travel agent keeps up with ever changing travel requirements, passports and visa requirements and even the basics like what is the best way to get to the port from the airport.

Bicycle for free on AmaWaterways river cruise with the help from your Amawaterways travel agent

Travel Agents Can Save You Money

There are so many AmaWaterways special offers and they can come and go quickly.  Your AmaWaterways Travel Agent has access to all of these special offers.  An AmaWaterways travel agent knows it’s not about just getting a great price on your river cruise, but it’s also important in find the right itinerary and value for your vacation dollars.

Travel Agent Insider Tip:

One way to save with a travel agent is with booking you’re airfare as part of your AmaWaterways vacation package.  Your AmaWaterways Travel Agent can include air and airport transfers as part of your AmaWaterways River Cruise.

Amawaterways maps can help you decide on your rivercruise with your amawaterways travel agents help

Travel Agents are on your side

When you work with an AmaWaterways Travel agent you have an advocate that is on your side.  Sometimes things can go wrong and with everything happening in the world today a travel agent can help you navigate the changing landscape.  When you book direct with a river cruise company and if you have an issue it’s just you and the river cruise company and you don’t have anyone to bounce ideas or resolutions off of.  Your AmaWaterways travel agent is a resource that has access to inside sales representatives that they have worked with personally for years at AmaWaterways.  They have ideas and helpful tips too to make sure your river cruise goes smoothly.

How to select a Travel Agent

You have come to the right place :).  I am happy to help you with your AmaWaterway river cruise and again, my services are free of charge when booking your vacation with me.  I have a fantastic team of AmaWaterways Travel agents that know AmaWaterways inside and out and can work with you on the phone, via email, or just with tips and advice once you book your AmaWaterways river cruise with us here at Pixie Vacations.  You can also look online at the current AmaWaterways river cruise itineraries here to get an idea of what destinations you are interested in and also you can even put a deposit down on one of these AmaWaterways sailings at this link to hold that booking.

AmaWaterways Additional Helpful Resources

If you are ready to start looking at all the different AmaWaterways Itineraries I have put together a list of the current AmaWaterways Special offers to get you started.


Latest Discounts & Special Offers