Courtney Giddings Pixie Tavel Agent


Hi! My name is Courtney Giddings, I would love to help plan a wonderful vacation for you!

I spent my childhood living in Southern California and it was a kids dream! I was able to visit Disneyland Park and California Adventure on a regular basis, that is where my love of Disney started!! I also enjoyed visiting Universal Hollywood many times each year! I loved every minute at the parks and the wonderful memories I made with friends and family!
 Growing up I was only able to experience Walt Disney World a few times, but as an adult I am lucky enough to be able to go multiple times a year. It is truly my happy place and the place I go to unwind and feel like a kid again!
I’ve moved quite but it has never halted my sense of adventure! Apart from Disney my love of travel started young, my family often made trips around the US and with almost 30 states visited! I have learned so much about what beauty this country has to offer! Over the past 10 years my travel experience has grown outside of the US border to multiple countries and I can’t wait to continue to mark different countries off my list!
As your agent I’m here to help you every step of the way to plan the perfect trip for you and your loved ones, and the best part is it’s free to you! I work directly on your behalf to make sure you are getting the best price within your budget to make your vacation dreams come true! From theme parks, to cruises, to traveling abroad and so much more. I’m here to help YOU!