Griswolds go to Walt Disney World

Griswold Vacation Walt Disney World Road Trip

Steve, Lisa, Brooke and Amber Griswold at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort. Photo by: Yellow Shoes Creative Group photographer Gene Duncan

The Griswold Family Story

We are the Griswolds, and, yes, we are heading on vacation. I have been hearing jokes all my life but love the National Lampoon Vacation movies. So we decided to create our own Griswold Truckster so we can take the kids on some awesome road trips. If you have seen the National Lampoon Vacation movie, you know the Griswolds purchase the Family Truckster in metallic pea; it’s not what they ordered at Lou Glutz Motors, but after their trade in is crushed into scrap metal they are happy to take home the Wagon Queen Family Truckster to start the family road trip to Wally World.

Griswold Family Goes to Walt Disney World

We are not heading to Wally World in our Truckster, but we have many fun family vacation planned. Our first trip is actually to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Oh, and you can follow along on Twitter and Instagram @GriswoldVac. If you don’t know what Twitter and Instagram are, just ask your kids and they will hook you up. If you see us please stop and say Hi and also post and share photos if you see us drive by and tag them with #Griswold and/or @GriswoldVac so everyone can find them when they search later.

You can read and see our road trip to Walt Disney World on the Disney Parks Blog!  Steve, Lisa, Amber and Brooke Griswold, from Pixie Vacations, traveled to Walt Disney World Resort in the Griswold Family Truckster.

Griswolds Family Vacation at Walt Disney World

Disney World Magic Kingdom the Griswold Family on Vacation

I am sure you want to know how our Truckster came to life. We took many photos along the way and have created a Griswold Family Truckster Photo Album here.


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The Griswold Family Truckster in the Vacation movie

Just so you know the Wagon Queen Family Truckster in the National Lampoon movie is a 1979 Ford LTD Country Squire that has been modified by Warner Brothers, not by George Barris who did the Batmobile and other famous movie cars. For some reason George Barris gets credit for the Truckster but Gary Schneider did extensive research before building a Truckster himself and found out George Barris did not build the Griswold Family Truckster.

Also the internet will have you believe that the last living Truckster is preserved in a car museum in Chicago. The car in that museum is not one from the National Lampoon movie, it is a replica made by someone for the car museum. The side mirrors are different; the wood grain and molding are different, and the back side of the car has not been finished. Only the side you see at the museum has the wood grain added.

Our Griswold Truckster

1984 Ford LTD

Our Truckster started as a 1984 Ford LTD Country Squire.

Our Truckster started as a 1984 Ford LTD Wagon Country Squire. It was in pretty good condition for being that old.

Here are a few photos of our 1984 Ford LTD before we started our project:

Griswold Truckster

The beginning of the Griswold Family Truckster. A 1984 Ford LTD Country Squire. In the National Lampoon Vacation movies it was a 1979

Ford LTD Truck Seats

I love these seats and the kids love them too.  This is before we cleaned up the Truckster :).  It’s like new inside now.

Griswold Truckster

The Ford LTD Wagon

Time to get started and take a perfectly good Ford LTD and smash out the back windows and remove all the trim from the sides. Yeah, George said to buy a Ford LTD without paneling and wood trim but it was difficult to find, so there was a great deal of extra work that our friends, Chris and Brain at B&B Tire, had to do to prep the car.

Griswold Vacation

Time for the windows to go.

Also the front end had to be removed and remade out of fiberglass. This also made room for the 8 headlights that would be later installed and the bumper that would be lowered.


Time to take the front off and add another set of headlights and a custom grill

Time to take the front off and add another set of headlights and a custom grill



The original interior of the Ford LTD


Amber Griswold

Amber Griswold and the Griswold Wagon coming along

Chris and Brian at B&B Tire in Canton, GA did an amazing job. To the right is Chris cutting out the fancy air intakes for the rear quarter panels. Again, Amber taking the opportunity to get in the photo with the Griswold Truckster. Here, the fiberglass front end is complete on the car.

Amber Griswold with the Griswold Family Truckster

Amber Griswold with the Griswold Family Truckster

I had a fine art studio make these amazing crowns

I had a fine art studio make these amazing crowns

Reije worked in his fine art studio to make this crown for me. It looks amazing. This was the first clay sculpture that was then later cast and then made out of (I believe) a plaster so it could be smoothed down more. He then made another mold and cast these in a material called Task 8 and then painted them. Here is his work.


A close up of the first clay sculpture

A close up of the first clay sculpture

The finished crown

The finished crown


Griswold Vacation

Yeah, there is gas in the hood.

We added the gas to the hood, however I was not keen on filling up a car over a hot engine, so this is a fake gas door. It opens and looks very cool.


Actually it is fake.  Not real keen on filling up the tank over a hot engine.

Actually it is fake. Not real keen on filling up the tank over a hot engine.

Griswold Family Vacation

Painted in Metallic Pea

Just back from getting Metalic Pea paint

Just back from getting Metallic Pea paint

The Ford LTD all primed and then painted in metallic pea green.


wood grain woodie wagon

Time to make it a woodie and add the wood grain made by 3M

Chris and Brian starting on the wood grain on the truckster. The headlights are also in and looking great.

wood grain wagon 3M

Close up of the wood grain


Lisa Griswold and Chris looking over the Griswold Truckster. Wood grain has been added to the sides

At this point, about six months later, we are really close. A few final items need to be completed and the overall mechanics need to be checked and several things replaced.

griswold in shop


Griswold hood ornament family vacation Ford LTD

I drew this by hand from some photos I saw and then took the measurements to a local shop and had it cut out of 1/8″ steel on a C and C machine. It was then welded at the base, and I took it to Dallas Plating in Dallas, GA to have it chromed. Here is the raw hood ornament before it was chromed.

Crown hood ornament griswold family truckster

Chromed hood ornament and front grill are back

I love the finished Griswold Truckster,  The detail is increadable

I love the finished Griswold Truckster, The detail is incredible. The hood ornament and grill are now on.

griswold family vacation truckster

Samsonite Luggage and American Tourister added to the top new lengthened luggage rack.

Fun photos griswold family vacation

griswold family vacation


griswold crown


Griwold Truckster


griswold family vacation truckster

Doing what the Truckster does best

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Where can I see you and what’s next?

We went to Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL.
We are planning another road trip down to Orlando FL soon.
Gatorland in Florida, Dollywood in Pigeon Forge TN, and a family road trip across America from Georgia to California is in the works.

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I will also take more photos of the Truckster (interior) etc hopefully in the next few weeks. It came out nice.

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Griswolds Family Vacation at Walt Disney World