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Cruising with Virgin Voyages is an experience like no other! The ships include everything you can possibly imagine. From luxurious amenities to adventurous activities, you can count on unforgettable moments spent at the sea. The cruises are designed to fit different tastes, meaning you can opt for ultimate relaxation or thrilling adventure. In other words, you can leisurely spend time sunbathing, satisfy your palate with a variety of mouthwatering dishes, and explore the ship’s features. But you can also taste the excitement of Virgin Voyages excursions!


Besides sophisticated and glorious services, the cruise line offers activities that create authentic experiences. Virgin Voyages experiences are also versatile, and you can easily find those that go with your lifestyle preferences. Whether you want relaxed, energetic, or cultured ventures, you can find them on the menu of the cruises the company offers. 


Depending on your trip and its length, you may want to consider a change of scenery and get out of the ship for an exciting experience. However, since the cruises come with many options on different destinations, having some guidance can be useful. In this blog, I have shared some of the features of the Virgin Voyages shore excursions along with their locations. This will give you a clearer idea of what to expect during your cruise and how to plan your entire trip! 


Virgin Voyages Excursions

What Kind of Excursions Does Virgin Voyages Offer? 


No matter where your cruise takes you, you will be able to pick different kinds of Virgin Voyages excursions that will give you an unforgettable experience. These are referred to as Shore Things and are quite versatile. Since the company offers an app for easier cruise navigation, you can find all of the activities there. Once you install the app, you will see that you have an abundance of options at your disposal. 


Even though there is a great variety of excursion trips, Virgin Voyages has made it simple for travelers to find exactly what they are looking for. Considering that not all people like the same things, they have created categories that allow travelers to find their preferred activities more easily. These categories include cultured, energetic, and relaxing ventures, meaning you can quickly find the one that suits you.


To understand what to expect from each of them, I have created a short list with features. This will give you an idea of what Virgin Voyages excursions offer and what you should focus on.


Cultured Excursions 


The cultured Virgin Voyages Shore Things include exploration of different locations and particular destinations. These can involve exploring cities or natural surroundings of cultural importance for the place in question. For instance, if you are visiting an exotic spot, you will have the chance to see hidden gems that offer lavish scenery or organic farms where the main focus is on sustainability. 


On the other hand, cultured excursions include visits to numerous interesting local spots as well as trying food and beverages specific to a particular nation. There is no better way of getting to know a place than through food and various delicacies. 


Here are some of the most popular cultured excursions you should not miss out on.


  • Legends of Barbados – Highlights Journey


Barbados is not only a place of exotic and paradise-like beaches. Its cultural heritage is quite rich, and there are numerous legendary places you should see. The Legend of Barbados excursion is a great opportunity to dive into the island’s history and admire its unique architecture. During this cultural adventure, you will see the authentic limestone walls, outside tombs, and stained glass windows around the island. Moreover, you will enjoy the colorfulness and vibrancy of the place and, of course, take some majestic photographs. 


  • Rhythm, Drum, Rum – Martinique Traditions


Another popular option among the Virgin Voyages excursions is the one in which you get to know Martinique traditions. It is one of the most iconic places with the most diverse culture. The ancestral music, in combination with fruit juice or rum, provides the greatest experience you can ever imagine. One thing you should not miss out on when visiting Martinique is the Bèlè House, a spot dedicated to learning and practicing the bèlè dance – a traditional dance that is only seen there! 


  • Jewels of San Nicolas


Virgin Voyages Shore Things do not only include exotic features of beaches. When it comes to cultured excursions, you can count on art as well. San Nicolas is one of the places where you will see many works of art. The streets are full of murals, gorgeous mosaics, and astonishing street art. Besides being a place of art, it is also a place of history. The Industry Museum comes with a lot of information on the island’s history, meaning you can learn a lot about its beginnings and how it developed to be such an amazing destination. 


  • Energetic Excursions


If you are an adventurous person, you will want to explore the energetic Virgin Voyages excursions. Along the way of most of the cruises, many places offer unforgettable and authentic experiences. These activities include exploration of the locations you visit but in a unique way. It is incredible to see how the locals live and feel the energy of certain spots. 


Here are some of the popular, energetic, and adventurous Virgin Voyages experiences. 


  • Splash & Dash: The Ultimate Duck Boat Adventure 


Explore the heart of Grand Turk with the Caribbean’s only Duck Boat adventure. The excursion allows you to see the island’s vibrant streets before witnessing your vehicle transform from a colorful bus into a cruising boat. Combining land exploration with aquatic marvels, you will discover Grand Turk’s historical gems, lush surroundings, and glistening coastlines. From the ancient Salt Ponds to the resilient Old Lighthouse, every moment you spend on this adventure will be an unparalleled experience. 


  • Power Catamaran and Snorkel Adventure


If you want to get to know the Mexican Caribbean authentically, the Power Catamaran and Snorkel Adventure is just what you need. Costa Maya encompasses a magnificent underwater world you cannot miss out on. You will begin your day by taking a motorized catamaran excursion through the Mexican Caribbean, where you can take in the breathtaking turquoise sea landscapes and feel the tropical wind energy. Moreover, you will get the chance to explore the vibrant coral reefs and swim alongside the diverse marine life, including turtles. 


  • Jungle Jive, Beach Bliss, and Rum Rides


Get on a rum-punch-fueled taxi ride to the vibrant rainforests of St. Croix. Accompanied by local guides, you will explore a breathtaking trek, passing by ancient mango trees and cocoa plants. Admire remnants of old aqueducts and a historic dam before making your way to a viewpoint for breathtaking vistas of the island’s west end. After the adventurous explorations, you will get the chance to relax on the powdery sand of Paradise Beach and conclude the experience with a rum punch toast to savor a tropical high before getting back to the ship.


  • Relaxing Excursions


Virgin Voyages excursions also have something for those who just want to relax but change the scenery from the ship. You do not need to engage in energizing activities to experience the beauty of the places you visit. After all, there’s nothing wrong with admiring the destinations you’re in, sitting comfortably in a lounge with a refreshing drink in hand! Nevertheless, the following activities include leisure things that will allow you to see and feel something new without too much effort. If your idea of a cruise involves just laid-back ventures, then the company has just what you need. 


I have included some of the most popular relaxing excursions that travelers enjoy. 


  • The Duval Crawl: Key West’s Pub Crawl 


Experiencing a well-known Key West tradition while enjoying yourself on vacation is best achieved through the “Duval Crawl” – a pub crawl in the downtown area. During this 2½-hour wandering cocktail party, you will choose between a domestic beer or a cocktail (or mixed drink) at each renowned establishment. The crawl’s atmosphere combines the laid-back vibe of the Florida Keys, lively live music, and Caribbean beverages that capture the essence of a perfect vacation.


  • Willemstad by Trolley


Cross the pontoon bridge named after Queen Emma and experience a vibrant array of harborside stalls and lively boats trading fish, spices, and other goods. Explore Scharloo, where you will get to admire elaborate facades adorning homes and municipal buildings and visit the impressive cathedral and Fort Amsterdam. Embark on a trolley ride to fully appreciate the electric colors and diverse architecture of Curaçao’s captivating capital while covering a lot of ground.


  • Forts, Rums, and Beachside Scenery


Explore the magnificent Fort Fleur d’Épée, known for its historical significance in the Seven Years’ War between France and Britain. Then, indulge in the island’s delights at a resort in Le Gosier, where you can also enjoy some leisure time relaxing on one of Guadaloupe’s stunning beaches. Gifted with palm trees and beach huts, the vibrant coastal scenery also offers opportunities for water sports rentals – striking a perfect balance between land and sea activities.


When Should You Book Your Shore Things Excursions? 


Even though cruises are relaxing trips, they still require some planning. Depending on the days you will spend on a ship, you should decide what kind of activities you want to incorporate into your vacation. Some people choose just to spend their time on the ship and enjoy its amenities, while others want to make the most of their cruise and explore the places where the ship makes stops. To be able to see most of them, Virgin Voyages excursions are the best option.


However, if you want to take part in any of the Virgin Voyages Shore Things, it is essential to plan and book your activities before sailing off. The cruise line recommends booking the excursions at least 120 days before your cruise. This way you will secure your place in a particular activity and be able to plan your further vacation more conveniently.


The company allows you to explore and book your excursions in different ways. You can download the Sailor App and find the activities there. The app lets you book your excursions directly. Another option is to communicate with the Sailor Services Crew and schedule your activities through the team. However, you can also talk to a travel agent and consult about the possible options. They can book the ones you choose for you, and you will be ready for your cruise.  


Should You Book Shore Things Excursions? 


Many travelers wonder whether they should go for the Virgin Voyages Shore Things. Some of them can be pricey, so they are unsure if it is worth investing in them. While they can be a little bit more expensive than the usual tours you book when you go on a regular trip, you should consider several factors. 


First, a cruise experience is completely different from every other trip you have ever taken. So, it includes activities that will be pricey but absolutely worth it. Second, Shore Things offers a variety of excursions that suit different needs, meaning you can easily find a tour that goes with your preferences. Moreover, all of the excursions are researched and scheduled at times when your ship arrives and leaves the port. This means that you will not have to hurry through your activities and have enough time to experience everything properly. 


Lastly, and maybe most importantly, all of these excursions are safe. In other words, you will not be tricked into paying for something and not being provided the services. Virgin Voyages collaborates with safe providers and ensures safe trips for all its passengers. Therefore, you will not have to worry about paying for something you will not experience. 


Virgin Voyages excursions are the best way to explore the destinations you are visiting during your cruise. They are the most enticing and thrilling method to make the most out of your cruise adventure and enjoy it as you deserve! 

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