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Hi there, my name is Sophia and I would love to help you plan your magical vacation!

I’m a lifelong Walt Disney World frequenter and overall Disney fan. The bookshelves at home were always filled with classic Disney movies on VHS and I spent most of my childhood pretending I was a princess in a far away land. Growing up, I was lucky enough to make memories at the Most Magical Place on Earth every couple of years and now as an adult, you can find me at the parks more often. I loved going down to Orlando as a young girl but I’ve gained an even deeper admiration and love for Disney destinations as I’ve gotten older. Everyone has their own happy place and mine is at Disney. There is no better feeling than stepping inside the bubble and being transported to any place in your imagination.

Aside from Disney, I am a huge travel enthusiast and am never home for more than one month at a time usually. My parents instilled a sense of appreciation and importance of seeing the sights of the world and the many wonderful cultures that surround us. From road tripping across the States to country hopping in Europe solo, I’ve been fortunate enough to go on many adventures of my own. Traveling will forever be a significant part of my life and I’m always encouraging everyone to look for new places to explore.

I know planning vacations is never a walk in the park and a lot of time and effort is required to pull it off. As someone who finds immense joy in planning for others and witnessing the priceless memories that come from an unforgettable trip, let me help you in creating a stress-free vacation. Whether you’re looking to book a last minute trip on a budget or going all out to celebrate a special occasion, I can assure you it’ll have all the makings of a great time. All you need to do is focus on spending time with your loved ones, enjoying the magical experiences around you, and living in the moment. I’ll handle the rest!

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