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5.0 out of 5 stars
Paula M - January 3, 2021

This was the best Disney experience that our family has ever had! Working with Tiffany was amazing. From her lodging recommendations, to the dining reservations, to the activity guidance......she made it a Christmas Disney World vacation that we will never forget. I highly recommend working with her and have already started to refer her to friends and family! What a pleasure. Sincerely, The McMartin Family


5.0 out of 5 stars
Jonathan S - December 30, 2020

We have worked with Debbie Neble 3 times. 2 with a vacation to Disney in Orlando, Florida and 1 Alaskan Cruise and Land vacation. All 3 were great. She got us the best deals and did great communicating with us about our trips and updated them as the days went by. We r planning a European trip either 2021 or 2022. We enjoyed her input very much.


5.0 out of 5 stars
Adam F - December 16, 2020

We worked with Pixie Vacations by Tiffany and Caitlyn for our last adventure to Disney World. Caitlyn was our main point of contact and she made the entire process easy and quick. Her knowledge of the different resorts to suggestions to eat and go experience gave us peace of mind because there are so many places to choose from. She gave us options that suited our budget and was honest with us. We felt confident with booking even with all the crazy things going on in the world like Covid-19. If you are looking to book a trip to Disney or a trip in general please save yourself money, time and energy and contact Pixie Vacations by Tiffany and Caitlyn. They will go above and beyond your expectations! Thanks Caityln for all the help and we will definitely use you for our next adventure!


5.0 out of 5 stars
Alexandra M - December 8, 2020

Debbie Matullo scheduled a trip to Walt Disney World for me. It was originally scheduled for March 2020, the week Disney World closed. She helped us reschedule the trip three times leading up to our trip that eventually happened the week of Thanksgiving. She was always available for advice and booked reservations in a timely manner. I would have likely cancelled my trip if I had booked it without Debbie. She helped ease my stress of the pandemic as I knew my trip would eventually happen and I didn't have to call Disney many, many times to reschedule.


5.0 out of 5 stars
Lauren L - December 2, 2020

I booked with Kelsey and she was the sweetest. She was there to answer any and all questions the entire time! Thanks Kelsey for helping us plan we loved our resort too and she sent us the sweetest gift!


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Our agent was a life-saver! We had heard overwhelming stories from many others about all the planning and research that is necessary for a Disney vacation. We, honestly, didn’t know where to start, and then Pixie came into our lives. She answered endless lists of questions, booked our entire itinerary and gave us key insights for a successful trip.

We couldn’t have had the memorable trip to Orlando last week without her!


I just want to say thank you for all your help planning what was the most amazing vacation I could ever imagine. We had so much fun and are ready to start planning again for next year. Next year will be bigger and better.

From our hearts to yours thank you.


Wayne Rubow

Our Pixie helped plan and organize my family trip to Disney.  She kept in mind that I had 3 young children. One, in which, has severe allergies. She made sure all of his needs were addressed and cared for. Furthermore, she did all of the reservations for meals and guided me to make the most of my time with park hours. I had been to Disney before and thought in the past that there was a lot of preparation needed for the trip. This time, however, it was a breeze. That is because Pixie Vacations did all of the work. She was very professional and helpful. When we were leaving for our trip, the weather was a concern. Our agent helped guide us to make sure we were able to depart to Florida.

Thanks for a wonderful trip.


Kim Lucas

I consider myself a major Disney Junkie and have always booked my own trips because “who knew more than me?” well I was reluctant to use a Travel Agent at first but thought I would give it a try and it was honestly one of the best decisions I have ever made. My agent was always there, just an email or call away, made all my dining reservations as well as BBB and Harmony Barbershop and got them all exactly when I wanted them & created a chart to show me my daily plans. I loved working with her and definitely planned on working with her again but then something happened that made her INCREDIBLE to me and she made me a lifetime customer!

When we checked in, our rooms were not ready so we had to wait a while. When we checked in, they told us the reason the rooms were not done was because they were waiting on adjoining rooms (my sister and I travel together and MUST have adjoining rooms) so that was no problem. Finally at check in time, they directed us to 2 rooms that were not adjoining. When I called the front desk they do me they were “completely full” and there was nothing we could do except for stay in this room tonight and move tomorrow. Well this sent my husband into a “major bad mood” he didn’t want to have to try to settle in just to have to repack up in the morning and it was causing me a great deal of grief and not a magical way to start my vacation.

I decided to message my pixie agent and within 20 minutes she had us set-up in adjoining rooms and someone was on their way to get our luggage! I couldn’t believe it – she made the grumpiness go away and all was right in the world – we were able to go settle in our room and stay put! This made my day and sealed the deal that my Pixie will be my travel agent for LIFE!!

Thanks for a wonderful trip.


Castronovo Family

Our pixie quickly became a household name for us whenever we discussed Disney. Even my husband became excited about the trip and would say, “Ask Our Pixie about —-“. I would ask her and it would happen! From the moment she gave us a no-pressure hassle-free quote, to the second we booked, to the planning leading up to our trip, to our time in Disney- she became part of our vacation.

She made sure that we did just the right things for our family and at our own pace. I am very grateful that she was incredibly compassionate towards some special health needs we had on our trip, as well as traveling with a toddler. Her confidence, inviting demeanor, knowledge of Disney, and approachability made our trip worry-free. She even sent us gifts ahead of time, covered the fare for a van to ensure we made a dining reservation, and had gifts waiting at our hotel! We have been back for one week and I have already recommended her and Pixie Vacations to many people. Thank you for a magical vacation!

Stoll Family

From the first phone call, our agent at Pixie Vacations was there for us. We made our own plane reservations, but she offered to do it for me. She did our online check-in which was just great. Everything was ready for us when we arrived at the Wilderness Lodge. She arranged for our pickup at the airport and our ride at the end of our stay. EVERYTHING WAS PICTURE-PERFECT!

The suggestions she made of things to see (go early on the Safari, the animals are more active early in the day!) and do, places to eat, were great.



Our agent at Pixie Vacations was fantastic getting back to us when we requested an initial quote for our vacation. She worked with us, and gave us great guidance because we were also working with Disney guest relations due to a previous incident from our last trip. Anytime we needed dining reservations switched, she immediately attended to it. She sent us countdown update emails that got us excited about our trip, and a wonderful card getting us pumped up for our vacation.

When we received our itinerary paperwork, we were so excited to get the embroidered bag with our name on it! Jen actually hugged the bag. The bag she uses for work had broken the week before, so it really made her day. We started out booking through Pixie solely due to the “early bird” special, but we won’t book through any other way from here on out!

Thank you so much to Pixie Vacations, and especially to our agent. You made a magical vacation that much more magical!

Terri and Jen

So I just have to say – WOW!! we had a BLAST on our trip! Thank you so much for all of your help – especially in the rescheduling situation. We ended up loving the 4 day park pass with 3 night option. The Club Level was beyond amazing. They knew us by name, we had TONS to eat/drink any time of the day – and the fireworks from the club balcony was a nice touch!


Our agent at Pixie Vacations contacted me after I filled out an inquiry form. I wasn’t sure what we wanted to do, or if we were really going to go, but she called right after I did the form. We emailed and spoke a bit, and soon she had a package to suggest to us. We needed a ground floor unit due to traveling with a wheelchair, so she had to switch our rooms around. She did all of this promptly and efficiently. I felt comfortable venturing into the World of Disney knowing there was someone who could answer questions for us if we got stuck. We said she was our travel fairy.

Dear Pixie Vacations:

I just wanted to thank you for all your help in planning our trip to Disney. Our travel agent was an amazing representative to work with. She answered all our questions very quickly.

She knew we were on a budget, and she helped us get the most vacation with our money. She told us the best times to visit the parks, gave us amazing advice and followed through with everything that she said she would do. We had an amazing time at Disney and can’t wait to go back. I would recommend her and Pixie vacations to anyone planning a trip to Disney.

Thank you for everything!!

The McLean Family

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