Pixie Vacations Travel Agent Mary

My Name is Mary Hales. I have always loved everything Disney. I collected the movies as a teenager and gained an interest and respect for Walt Disney himself when I researched and wrote a paper on him in High School. Everytime I go, it is pure magic. My love for Disney Travel and planning has lead me to being a Disney travel agent.
I would love to be YOUR travel agent. My job as your agent would be to do the work for you. I will listen to your wants and needs for your trip and plan your vacation based on that. I will give you an itinerary of events during your stay, schedule dining and fast passes for you and I will always be checking and watching for deals to save you money. You can rest easy knowing that I have got your family’s best interest at heart in planning you an amazing vacation. I take the stress off of you so you can focus on more important things. The best part is my services are FREE to you! Please contact me and let me work for you!


Please select my name on the quote form when requesting a Disney vacation quote.

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