Julie Davies Pixie Vacations

My passion for Disney started like most people’s, with family.  I visited Disney World as a child and both Disney World and Disney Land as a college student at The Ohio State University. But my true passion came to light when I visited Disney with my step-son who turned five back in 2000, and that passion quickly turned into tradition for my own family.  It started with the oldest and will end with the youngest spending their 5th birthdays at Disney.

With familiarity came knowledge and I wanted to learn more and more about Disney and how we could make affordable trips with all 6 of our kids.  I virtually became my own travel agent.  Gaining knowledge with every trip and an appreciation for all Disney has to offer.

My oldest is twenty-three and the youngest is about to turn five and we will complete our tradition in December of this year.

Then a new chapter in my love affair begins.  I recently became a Disney vacation Club Member and I am proud to say an acting agent for Pixie vacations.  Let me share my knowledge, love and passion for the Disney experience with you and your family as if you were my own.