Alicia Pixie Vacations

Hi, my name is Alicia von Kugelgen and I would be thrilled to help you plan your amazing Disney vacation!  I have been a Disney fanatic since a very young age, beginning with frequent trips to Disneyland while visiting family in Southern CA.
From there my parents decided that we should branch out and when I was about 11 began taking us every other year to WDW.  My husband has been very patient with my obsession – even proposing on New Year’s Eve in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle!  Twenty-one years later and I have tried to keep up the tradition of taking my two kids (14 and 10) to a Disney park every year. We have made many, many trips to Disneyland (including one with each of them in utero!) and now that my parents live in Florida we are making pilgrimages to WDW as well.
We even took our first Disney Cruise just this year.  I feel so fortunate that the magic has never faded for me and now I can share it with all of you.


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