Alex Murphy

Alex Murphy Pixie vacations

My name is Alex Murphy and I am the newest member of Pixie Vacations.
My love for Disney comes from parents and grandparents.  I have been to Disney World 50 plus times. My family became Vacation Club Members in 1992 and I have been going multiple times a year since I was born. My favorite Disney activity outside the parks is sailing on the Disney Cruise Line. I have been on 9 cruises. I have been on Fantasy, Wonder, and Magic. One more Cruise until I am Platinum Level Castaway Club . I have been on 4 night, 7 night, and 10 night itineraries. I have been all throughout the Caribbean and Bahamas, I have been to Alaska, and I have been on a Mediterranean cruise across Spain, Italy, and France.  When I am not booking your next Disney adventure, my wife and I are chasing my almost 3 year old twins around the house. We also enjoy going the Blackhawks and Cubs games and rooting for all things Chicago sports.