Mel Disney Agent

Mel Keenan

Hi, my name is Mel Keenan!
I am a husband, and a father to a beautiful little girl and a little boy on the way! When I met my wife, she made clear her love for Disney, how she went at least every other year, and that a commitment to her, well… meant a commitment to me. I had gone to Disney as a child, but meeting my wife reignited the magic. I proposed to her using a ‘Mickey proposing to Minnie statue’, followed by a surprise vacation to Disney, which then turned into where we got married and spent our honeymoon.
I am sure it’s no surprise when I say, that we took our daughter for her 1 st birthday to Disney World, and she loved it. We then went again later the same year to enjoy the Christmas spirit and events, and though it was only 10 months later, it was truly amazing to see how much her reaction had changed. As soon as we got home, we planned and booked another trip for when our little prince arrived.

I hope this encompasses the excitement and love my family and I have for Disney. There is something very special about it, which is why I took on the extra training and time to be able to share this experience with other families. I want to be able to make your vacation planning as smooth and stress-free as possible, so that when you are there, you are immersed, and when you leave, you are already planning your next trip. Select my name so we can start planning the perfectly tailored Disney vacation for you.