Karen Biggers

Karen Biggers Pixie Vacations Agent

Hi! My name is Karen Biggers and I am here to help you have the most magical time on your vacation! I have so many wonderful memories of going to Disney that I couldn’t possibly tell you all of them. But one that I remember the most is when I took my grandmother, who was 72, and I was in my late 40s. It was just the two of us and while she was able to walk, I opted to push her in a wheelchair. This worked out wonderfully; even though she protested at first, she was so very thankful after the first hour or so once she could see how big the park actually was. We rode on lots of things we saw several beautiful shows and we ate at some wonderful restaurants. It was a fabulous bonding time for both of us. She lived for another 10 years after that and made sure everyone knew about her wonderful trip. What’s on your bucket list?

My most recent trip was to celebrate our honeymoon! Yes, I’m a newlywed. Couples-only trips can be awesome! And yes! Disney can be magical for those of us over 50 with or without children. I was a professional nanny for 22 years, and I have 4 grown children and 6 grandchildren. So, I’m invaluable to you when planning trips with your little ones. I want to make sure you get to do it all!

Next week I’m going to Disney and Universal for a 9 day trip with my sister and her 3 grown boys plus one of their girlfriends. They are counting on me to make this trip the best yet, and I plan to deliver!

Not only am I a Disney fanatic, I know how to navigate your days with small children or just for the two of you. I can tell you the best time of day to ride what when it’s time to take a break and how to navigate Genie Plus and Lightning Lanes. Plus I’m up on all the latest news and research so you can relax and just enjoy.

Select me as your travel planner and I will make sure you have the most magical time, all within your budget! Please select my name on the quote form.