Creighton Winkelkotter

Creighton Winkelkotter

Hi, My name is Creighton

I am a Travel Agent who specializes in Disney. My first Disney trip is one of the most magical memories I have. I have a passion for Disney and all things that are owned by Disney such as Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar. The love for Disney runs in my family, all the way from my Grandparents to my Nieces and Nephews. 


If you choose me as your pixie I will guarantee a great trip for you and your family, and a very magical and memorable vacation. I chose to become a travel agent that specializes in Disney for one reason. Every time I go to Disney I see the magic come alive I see the smiles on everyone’s faces I see the children living their dream of meeting all those characters. I want to continue to grow that magic and help you have the most magical trip you could have imagined!


I do not charge for my services, I will plan your magical vacation FREE of charge. I will be here to help you reverse reservations for dining, as well as special event reservations. And so much more!


Please select my name on the quote form when requesting a Disney vacation quote, or contact me at


Thanks a million for stopping by!!